Diablo 3 Beta - The Highway to Hell

A video of the gameplay of Diablo 3 beta has appeared! The embargo which took journalists to silence ended yesterday, and since then the hack & slash Blizzard Entertainment has invaded the net. We now know that the game will require a permanent Internet connection, and it has a system of auctions integrated history of not seeing a black market items develop. Better yet, this video reveals a little more character classes and spells. What wait a bit until an open beta for the third quarter of this year. But wait, is currently the 3rd quarter!

Crusader briefly last month, Diablo 3 Beta was also present at the gamescom this year. If the version playable on Showfloor not revealed much new on the next episode of the famous franchise, a small meeting with the team the game at a press conference Blizzard Entertainment has nevertheless helped to learn again a little more about the game.

Normal, Nightmare, Hell: a historical progression through three difficulty modes that will unlock all the monsters more powerful objects increasingly abused and bosses immune to almost everything. If we were promised last month that access to these modes of difficulty will not change for Diablo 3 Beta, however, requires that the third episode of the famous franchise will also sign the arrival of a new difficulty mode ultimate Inferno mode. The new Holy Grail of the sadomasochistic hack and slash dial the end game of the future Blizzard Entertainment, and will be for players who have already reached the maximum level (set at 60) Diablo 3 bestiary offering a basic compound monster at all savvy 61 to always be a challenge for even the best equipped players.

Diablo 3 Beta

Diablo 3 Beta

Not content to be more solid, powerful and fast, dirty creatures the way Inferno will also be more aggressive towards players and characters inherit the passage of an arsenal of power supplied over some of their skills are so powerful that they even appear only in Inferno mode. To beat these monstrosities doped, we will obviously get the objects that are the most effective and Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed once again that the objects of advanced difficulty modes Diablo 3 Beta will inherit their level look up to a peak on sets as classes that powerful.

Our friends the artisans - we offer services to create custom weapons and items with parts - are also entitled to their small increase over the difficulty modes and you can follow it through visual changes in their respective stores. The rune system will follow suit by offering us two levels of the transition to extra rune Nightmare and Hell and another additional level in the final arrival in Inferno mode. According to the team the game, improved to a magic bullet in flight split will create two energy balls at the beginning of the game and eight will be released when access to all levels of rune from Diablo 3. This should allow authorities to invest in our favorites and turn them into killing machines. Story reinforced to survive the challenge of this ultimate difficulty setting.

In addition to this new way of difficulty, Blizzard Entertainment has also used the press conference to promise a finish for the third quarter of this year was scheduled unless postponed last minute for the Diablo 3 Beta hack and slash and or less confirm the port's future game consoles by presenting us with the lead designer of the team apparently still plunged in the open recruitment of this highly anticipated port.