WoW Patch Notes: Patch 4 Cataclysm

The first update this year's World of Warcraft: Cataclysm including the WoW Patch Notes are currently under development and will soon be available on the public test realms. This update includes several minor changes that we were unable to bring through the WoW patch notes, including changes to balancing classes recently studied, some bug fixes, and many other things.  You will find below the draft notes of updating public test realms. If you feel that we have omitted some obvious improvements in class, if you do not find any update Tol Barad, or if you are sad because Ghostcrawler promised you a palfrey, do not panic! This is not the final notes of update 4.0.6 and our development team is working hard to make these changes available to you on a test realm in your area.

The 4.1 update has seen its ambitions scaled down. Blizzard said on the one hand, it was better to have updates more modest, but more regular, on the other hand, the majority of players had not yet enough progress in this tier of raid and finally, there was no need to delay what was already ready to refine a raid, the 4.1 has been cut in half.

For the first content of WoW patch notes entitled "Glory to Zandalari," we shall be entitled to the usual changes / improvements variety of the game, and two "new bodies" Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman, back in the form of dungeons heroic 5 players in a political troll agitated. As promised, the company logo in blue has also implemented a whole bunch of new mounts and pets in order to please the fetishists of all kinds of animals. As for a possible release date, nothing is certain at the moment so I am not going to out my crystal ball.

The contents of the update 4.2 was originally part of the additions of 4.1, however, at the delays would have resulted in the full development of this huge patch, Blizzard chose to return to the model of content patch smaller, as the days of Vanilla WoW, not updates that come out in huge deadlines far between.

You will find in this WoW patch notes of elements provided long as the raid of Tierra del Fuego area of Ragnaros, where we will face the Lord elementary and six other bosses. This new body will also mean additional equipment tier and thus sets new PvE and PvP, the tenth season of PvP arriving at the same time.

WoW Patch Notes

WoW Patch Notes

The update 4.3 will be the last major content patch since Cataclysm will introduce the final raid against Deathwing. Initially, Blizzard had planned to insert a raid in Caverns of Time during the War of the Ancients from Ragnaros and Death's wing, but it seems that the studio is back on its projects. So what have we for WoW patch notes 4.3?

The most iconic of course will be the new raid against Deathwing, and the emergence of a new level of equipment: T13. PvE side, this is not the only new dungeons with three to five new players are planned: the End of Time, War Veterans and dusk. A pair of legendary daggers, Crocs of the Father, will they arrive, only available for Rogues. Season 11 PvP S11 and equipment will be there too.

Besides that, we will be entitled to a new cool feature, the transmogrification, allowing you to change the look of your armor to make them adopt the appearance of parts already set previously collected and stored in a special new bank : the House of the vacuum.

Blizzard has released yesterday the release WoW patch notes 4.3.2 update. Players who can get an idea of the Update on the Test Realm, which introduced several new raids with friends, changes the rules of Raid loot finder mode and changes for some classes.