Marriage in Skyrim - Be it Gay or Straight

As you already now, marriage in Skyrim does give a different experience compared to its predecessors’. Other than the same gender marriage, cross race marriage in Skyrim is also possible. Keep in mind that not all NPC can be married. Even though Skyrim enables your character to become a gay (I’m in the grey on this thing, FYI), you can’t transform the glorious Dovahkiin into a pedophile or any other filthy beast out there. Well, bestiality is possible if you are into it and you are willing to put up some effort, freakball. Anyway, let’s discuss it step-by-step for easier and better acknowledgement.

Marrying an NPC renders you piles of benefits. First thing first, everything they own, including properties, will be yours. If you propose to a merchant, the shop and house and things (if he/she owns one) will be credited into your possession. As a rightful spouse, you can freely take their items and get into their properties any time you want with no worry. Your spouse won’t call the guard and it is considered sharing than stealing. Take note that an NPC can own a whole house or maybe only a part of it. Some NPC like a bar maid usually only owns a bed in the bar. There are even NPCs that don’t have anything to start with, making you a pitiful, homeless married couple.

There is a feature that allows you to choose where to live with them. You can choose to live at your spouse’s house or your own. But make sure not to stay in the Breezehome because Lydia often creeps out to your bed and disturb the husband-and-wife moments. You can also ‘mug’ your dearest wife or husband. They will happily share 100 gold with you per day forever and can stack up to 2,200 gold. If you are poor, you can marry someone and then wait for them to work and flow the gold into your pocket. Trading, buying and selling transaction with no ‘family’ discount are all possible. Be careful that sometimes due to a bug, your lover-in-law that always stays at home may turn to a petty thief that steals your stored items and sell them instead. Don’t be mad, bro! Look at what you have done to their belongings after marriage in Skyrim.

When you see your dream wife/husband sleeps, don’t hesitate to join in the bed. When you wake up, you will get Lover’s Comfort bonus that speeds up the level progression of all skills for eight hours unless you’re a nasty werewolf. Other than that, he/she can prove to be useful by cooking Homemade Meal that recovers and regenerates a decent amount of health, magicka, and stamina for a few minutes.

Marriage in Skyrim

Marriage in Skyrim

Marriage in Skyrim does give a slightly realistic feeling. Your marriage can often be cancelled because of a bug that spawns corpses of your former dead followers to the wedding altar. Yeah, that sounds really creepy for a corpse to suddenly pop on your wedding day. The brides and grooms will be disappointed, the host will be angered, and the guests will be left with regrets. If that happens to your marriage in Skyrim, simply wait a few hours to give them time to cool down and move the corpse out of the way, then, simply talk to your lover and propose again. One more thing, if you are married and your spouse is making you Homemade Meal in a daily basis, don’t sell them back to them or drop it in front of their eyes or trash it to your one of your followers because that will absolutely scar his/her heart and you won’t be getting it for the rest of your Skyrim journey. Love is hard, eh?

To experience marriage in Skyrim, you have to get an Amulet of Mara to your belongings first. You can get it from random drops, buying it for 200 gold from Maramal in the Temple of Mara, or completing a quest related to marriage. Wearing it will unlock a new dialog option to marriable NPCs after completing their quests. After talking to them, you can go straight to Temple of Mara and ask Maramal to arrange a wedding. And there goes the once-in-a-lifetime moment. No double wives, no double husbands, and no remarry, those are the rules of marriage in Skyrim.

Before I forget, you can marry most of the adult NPC by using console command. What did I say about bestiality? Console commands render it possible to marry a Khajit or an Argonian for a ‘wilder’ marriage in Skyrim. Good luck in your love life in Skyrim!