All Things to Know about Runescape Baby Troll Pet

Baby troll is a pet inside Runescape game that you can obtain in the first part of the Burthorpe tutorial, which named Stop them In Their Tracks! In this part of game, the runescape baby troll will appear in a scene on the caves of Troll Warzone. After you beat the Troll General, the baby troll will crawl out from behind the rock. Ozan will almost shoot the runescape baby troll and finally choose to spare its life and takes it outside the cave. In this scene, you can choose to keep the baby troll as a pet, decline it, or to get rid of it. If you decided to decline the baby troll as your pet, you will have another chance to keep it as your pet later. But if you decided to receive the baby troll as your pet and somehow you lost it in your journey, you can get another by talking to pet store owner and ask for a stray baby troll pet.

If you feel like to not bring the runescape baby troll along, all you need to do is store it to the menagerie as long as you still have enough space on your pet house. Storing baby troll on pet house also allows you to get more baby troll pet by speaking with Corporal Keymans in Burthope, which can be done over and over again until your pet house is full with baby troll pet.

Runescape baby troll become one of the unique pet all over the game as you need food to change the name of it. For example, if you give an item, the baby troll will say ‘YUM! Me Like (item’s name)’ and your baby troll name will be exactly the same as the item you feed it. One thing you should pay attention is that all item you feed onto this baby troll will disappeared, so proceed with caution. Besides feeding, you can always change the name by talking to it and choose the second options. This will reset the baby troll name and you can start over name it by feeding it with item.

Not all items can be fed on this baby troll, especially untradeable items. However, there are some exceptions of untradeable items that can be fed to the baby troll and thus, change the name of it. The exceptions are including Dwarven army axe, Troll lieutenant’s bones, Pets (except Eek), Troll general’s bones, Clan Rings, Wicked hood, Skillcape, and War ship.

Below, you can read other information and facts about this runescape baby troll:

Runescape Baby Troll

Runescape Baby Troll

  • Storing Baby troll in POH menagerie will reset the name, but will be changed to the original name when removed from pet house
  • As unique pet, baby troll has the ability to run with the player
  • Some items that fed to the baby troll does not change the name as exactly the item, for example feeding the baby troll with Troll general’s bones will change its name into ‘My own dad’
  • Most player ‘troll’ others with this baby troll pet because they are able to feed high value items to their pet
  • Baby troll is very similar in Nuzleaf in Pokemon series and Pikmin of Nintendo game

As the only pet that has the ability to run with the player, this baby troll certainly is one of the most favorite pet to own for most players. Not to mention that if the player is able to feed runescape baby troll with high value item, they can start ‘troll’ others to get more items.