GW2 Beta FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Without further ado, GW2 beta has been one of the most awaited games in this year, which makes many gamers are keep asking the same question over and over again in some gamer forum and websites. That is why many of those forums and websites are creating FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) in order to clear up the real thing from the rumors that spread. So, to conclude all the official information about the GW2 beta, here is some concluded FAQ that taken from various websites and game forum regarding this Guild Wars 2.

GW2 Beta

GW2 Beta

When will Guild Wars 2 Available?
No info yet about the final release, but the beta version is already available. Also, this game is the largest project that ever taken by ArenaNet, which make all the process seems to be perfected

What about the GW2 beta info?
The closed beta is started on December 2012, and open beta is just recently started

What platforms Guild Wars 2 will be available?
At this time, GW2 is being developed for PC, although there is possibility that this game will be available in other platform as well in the future

Will the players need to pay any monthly fee for Guild Wars 2 final or GW2 beta?
Never! Since the original Guild Wards game, there will be no monthly fee at all

What kind of game is Guild Wars 2?
Guild Wars 2, and also GW2 beta that available this time is coming as MMORPG genre.

If MMORPG, will there any various races or class?
Absolutely! There will be human races as well as other non human races as well that can be customized easily, including Charr, Norn, Asura, and Sylvari

What about class?
GW2 beta offers 8 different class, or so called professions in this game, including elementalist, warrior, necromancer, ranger, thief, guardian, Mesmer, and engineer

What are the system requirements for Guild Wars 2?
Although the system requirements have not been finalized, but any mid range gaming PC seems to be capable to play the GW2 beta.

How to sign up on GW2 beta event?
Simply go to and follow the instructions, such as you must be 18 years old or older or if you are below 18, you must have parent to create your account. Please be noted that not all applicants are able to join on beta event as it is depends on some undisclosed categories

Is there are rule on the beta event?
In fact, there is. First is you must not disclose that you are participant in Guild Wars 2 beta event or any information about it. If you break the rule, the sanction would be banned from any Beta events with ArenaNet, account termination, and the last is legal proceeding. Other rule is you have to use Windows PCs, Linux or Mac is prohibited.

Hopefully, those FAQ regarding Guild Wars 2 and its GW2 beta is already fulfill every question you have in mind about this game. Now, all that left is to wait patiently until the GW2 beta finally concluded and the final version released officially.