Borderlands 2 Trailer Showed Off New Things

Officially announced with Borderlands 2 trailer, this game that developed by Gearbox and 2K games also showed off that many new things that added to almost all aspect on this sequel. Also, the trailer shows the official release date of the game, which is on September 18 in US for multiple platforms including PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. International release will follows 2 days after on the same platforms. A little back to the past, the original Borderlands was released in 2009 for multiple platforms as well, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and to Mac and PC via Steam. This previous game has reaches 4.5 million copies sold since it was released. So, many has expect the same success for the Borderlands 2.

One of the new things that showed on the latest Borderlands 2 trailer are regarding the weapons. As shown on the trailer plus some rumored issues, there will be a new feature that allows the players to customize their favorite guns with decals as style addition and a couple of enhancements in order to increase the weapon power. To do this, player will have to save up a currency called Eridium to purchase upgrades and make their guns better. Besides customization, the changes in this Borderlands regarding the weapons is branding as well. This time, player will be able to identify guns from certain manufacturer by simply looking at the guns. It is because the weapon manufacturers in Borderlands 2 will have their own gun designs. Moreover, there is a special weapons brand for bandits in this sequel.

Besides weapons, things that changed in Borderlands 2 that can be seen from the Borderlands 2 trailer are the characters. There are four new characters that playable now, which absolutely make the choice of playable characters is greater. One of the characters is the dwarf looking guy called Salvador. He is a Gunzerker who has unique ability to wield two guns at the same time. Some of the greatest ability of Gunzerkers is they are able to increase the firing rate continuously by simply holding the gun’s trigger. Regarding the old face, you will see the four Vault Hunters that showed up on the original Borderlands. Similar as the previous game, they role in this Borderlands 2 is only as support NPCs, though all NPCs will be more lively. But unlike before, Vault Hunters are now located in different places. Some of the quest is even require you to find one of the Vault Hunters, but let’s not spoil the best part.

Talking about characters is not even complete without talking the enemies. As shown on the Borderlands 2 trailer, there are a couple of new enemies that will be appears on the game. Moreover, each and every of the enemy will get smarter and more dangerous than ever, require you to skillfully play your characters all the time.

And the last thing that changed is the vehicles. On the Borderlands 2 trailer, there are various shots that show a couple of new vehicle, including a flying one. Many of new vehicle are also having four seats, which means that up to 4 players can play together on Borderlands 2, though there are only Borderlands 2 trailer that available this time.

Borderlands 2 Trailer