Bejeweled 3 Reviews - 8 Addictive Modes to Play

PopCap Games seems never run out of ideas while developing games as many have found out that their flagship game, the Bejeweled 3 is something that must be played by every puzzle lovers. Designed by 4 PopCap Games designers, including Jason Kapalka, Josh Langley, Brian Fiete, and Jeremy Bilas, this Bejeweled 3 easily popular on all platforms it released into since 2010, including Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Nintendo DS. But for you who never played any of this Bejeweled game series, then it is a pity as Bejeweled has been widely known as a great tile matching puzzle game with multi selling status all over the world.

As for the Bejeweled 3, this latest version is coming with 4 new gameplays including the current gameplay offered by the previous version so it makes there are 8 gameplay total offered by this PopCap Games’ game. Other feature that offered by this game is the high definition graphic, high quality sounds, and all new 65 badges that can be achieved as well. But the key feature that offered by Bejeweled 3 is the ability to match more than a set of gems at the same time. Besides those mentioned changes, there are probably nothing else that changed from the previous Bejeweled version. The gameplay of Bejeweled 3 is essentially the same as the previous two games, where players need to swap one gem with adjacent one in order to form three or more chain gems in same color.

Regarding the gameplay modes, there are total 8 of modes that can be played as mentioned before. Here is the description on each modes of Bejeweled 3:

Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3

  • Classic Mode; this gameplay is the similar as the one offered from the previous games. All the player need to do is just match a row continuously until there is no more possible move, when the game finally ends.
  • Zen Mode; this mode is one of the new mode added on this game, but actually it is pretty similar as the Endless Mode in Bejeweled 2. In this mode, player can play the game without end. Many Bejeweled fans will surely love this mode as they can relax while the calming music plays at the background as well as relaxing aural tones, breath modulation, and ambient sounds. The main purpose of this Zen mode is to slow the player’s breathing rate so they can calm down and thus relieve stress.
  • Lightning Mode; this mode is simply a time trial mode where the players need to get as many matching gems as they can in only 60 seconds. The time limit is able to be increased by matching up special gems or creating chains quickly to gain Blazing speed bonus. This mode is pretty similar as the Blitz Mode offered by Bejeweled Twist.
  • Quest Mode; player only need to solve all 40 puzzles and 11 mini games, which all of them are very interesting and addictive
  • Butterflies Mode; one of secret modes that can only be unlocked after players gain some certain achievement. To unlock this mode, simply reach level 5 in Zen mode
  • Diamond Mine Mode; another secret mode that only playable after finishing 4 mini games in quest mode
  • Ice Storm Mode; this Bejeweled 3secret mode is playable after players earning 100,000 points in Lighting mode
  • Poker Mode; this is the last Bejeweled 3 mode as well as secret mode. This mode is unlocked after players reach level 5 in Classic mode of Bejeweled 3.