Borderlands 2 Preview - Maya, The Siren

Like the previous game, Borderlands 2 still means one thing, which is firing bullets until your enemy dies. After that, keep firing at all enemies that appear on your screen until nobody left. Finished? Not yet! Go to the next area and repeat the process. That kind of game really is great for any gamers that love to play fast gameplay and fast action. Besides that, you will also able to get loot from enemies or chest, which allow your character to level up, get better equipment, and surely get better weapon. Not to mention that each area will be harder than the previous area, meaning that the better loot you will get as well as need more skill to finish each area on Borderlands 2.

If you think that there are the only things offered by this Borderlands 2, then you are wrong as besides those features and gameplay are already offered on the previous version of Borderland, the sequel will offers different feature, including the class system, where those four classes from Borderland are not playable anymore. This sequel made the classes appear for story reason only. But do not worry as there will be four new classes that have completely different functionality and weaponry, which absolutely make all Borderlands fans would wait eagerly for the Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

In this Borderlands 2 game, the main character of the Siren class would be Maya. You will be able to choose other class with their own primary action skill, including Gunzerker, Commando, and Assasins. Every class will be able to uses guns to shock, burn, or blow up enemies, besides of course their own unique skill. Those skills are not static as it can modified in dynamic ways, which is surely required to go further on Borderlands 2. Take Siren’s skill for example, their unique skill is phaselocking, which is sound similar as the original skill of phasewalking on the previous game.

This phaselocking skill of Siren is the first earned skill in the Siren’s skill tree, which consists of various unique skills as well. About this skill, Phaselocking allows Siren to bind enemy from range, which proved to be extremely useful in combat of Borderlands 2. Leveling Maya up will allow her to get more skill ponts, which is usable to customize the phaselocking skill, or open other skill that will be usable in battle such as healing ability as well.

Another skill for Siren class in this Borderlands 2 is called Helios. Different from Phaselocking that only able to bind enemy without inflicting direct damage, Helios can be used to damage enemy directly. Even better, if the enemy is being phaselocked already, Helios can even get wider area of explosion and set on fire, inflicting a lot of damage to multiple enemies at once.

Besides skill, there is also the new storyline for Siren class in Borderlands 2. But the developers of this game are still doesn’t want to spoil more than they already did in the trailer that recently released. Even so, there will be no surprise if this Borderlands 2 becomes one of the most popular games in 2012.