Borderlands 2 Trailer - Things that Caught Up

Recently, the Borderlands 2 trailer was released and showing that this Borderlands 2 is definitely a game worth to wait and play. Between those seconds of trailer running, there are various things that considered as a new things that added by Gearbox, compared to the previous version. Although not completely announced officially, some of these things are caught on the trailer Gearbox just released. And surely each and every thing in the trailer would make their appearance in the real game, right? So, here are some things on the trailer that shows new features of Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Trailer

The first thing is the environment. Compared to the previous game, Borderlands 2 trailer shows that this sequel offers better landscape with various areas, buildings, and trails that exists in the same environment. Multilevel closed structures are also available in this game now. If you compare with the flat areas and cookie cutter structures on the first game, then Borderlands 2 surely is better on every aspect of landscape and environment. Not to mention that this new environment is going to be huge as there are snowy areas and hills are appear in the same section on the trailers. And if you look past the snowy areas, you will see bridge and various structures that meaning the Borderlands 2 will be coming with a worldwide environment.

The second important thing that caught up of the Borderlands 2 trailer is the new characters. New character that appears on the trailer is Moxxi, which coming with kind eyes and heart tattoo. Other old character also appears as well, but it doesn’t mean that all of those characters, including the new one are playable as there is possibility that their appearance are only for story matter.

Third important things are the new grenade that appears in the Borderlands 2 trailer. This new type of grenade seems to be a shock type as the enemies show the shock damage. Two sparks of lighting that whipping out from this grenade also confirm that this is a shock type grenade.

Next is the ability. Although the Borderlands 2 trailer only shows Maya’s new skill called Phaselock, the whole skill tree of each class seems to be changed completely as well. Besides Phaselock, some of the known skill of Siren are including Sweet Release that heal the party after kill a phaselocked enemy, Wreck that able to increase damage inflicted on phaselocked enemy, Recompense to recharge your character shields, Res to revive ally with phaselock, and Elate that allow your ally to regenerate their health when you have phaselocked someone. Other skills are surely available.

And the last important thing caught up from this game’s trailer is new technology. There are various new vehicle appear on the trailer, including car, flying vehicle, and even huge robots. Although there are not even clear that those vehicles (and robot) are able to ride, the appearance on some of those new technology things surely makes Borderlands looks even better, all thanks to the Borderlands 2 trailer.