Under Saarthal Skyrim Walkthrough

In order to start Under Saarthal Skyrim mission, you have to complete a quest called First Lessons. During the quest, Tolfdir told that he will arrange a school trip for you and other apprentices to the ruins of Saarthal. The main purpose of this school trip is to have you and the other apprentices to learn about its past history as Saarthal actually is the first capital of Skyrim.  Enough with the story! This guide/walkthrough/step by step of Under Saarthal Skyrim mission will be guide you based on each mission objectives to make it easier to follow.
First Objective: Meet Tolfdir outside Saarthal
  • Go to southwest of Winterhold to find Saarthal excavation
  • Meet Tolfdir and three apprentices (J’Zargo the Male khatjiit, Onmund the Male Nord, and Brelyne Marion the Female dark elf)
  • Answer ‘Yes, I’m ready’ on Tolfdir question to go further on the mission

Second Objective: Follow Tolfdir
  • Tolfdir will tell history of Saarthal when you go deeper to the excavation and give different tasks to all apprentices
  • Your task is to assist Arniel Gane to look for enchanted item to appraise

Third Objective: Find Arniel Gane
  • Go further into the ruins to find Arniel Gane
  • Collect all enchanted rings that spread around in close viscinity
  • Find the Amulet of Sarrthal and the scene will occur

Fourth Objective: Use Saarthal Amulet to escape
  • Equip Saarthal Amulet
  • Find a door that starting to glow in orange light
  • Equip any destruction spell and destroy the door

Fifth Objective: Follow Tolfdir (Again)
  • Follow Tolfdir to new room with altar in the middle and a scene will occur

Sixth Objective: Tell Tolfdir about the vision
  • Tell Tolfdir about the vision (scene) you just experience about the danger warning from Psijic
  • You will then be attacked by two draugr and ice atronach
  • Use your own tactics to defeat these tough monsters

Seventh Objective: Solve Two Saarthal puzzles (Again?)
  • Follow Tolfdir to a big hall with coffins
  • Prepare for an attack from draugrs, defeat them
  • Tolfdir will leave you and told you to move on
  • Further on the hall, you will find the first puzzle of Saarthal
  • Equip torch or magelight to see the symbols behind the pillars
  • Combinations for the LEFT pillars is Eagle, Snake, Fish
  • Combinations for the RIGHT pillars is Fish, Eagle, Eagle
  • Go further and you will see another puzzle
  • Combinations for LEFT pillars is Snake, Fish
  • Combinations for RIGHT pillars is Fish, Eagle

Eighth Objective: Battle and Battle
  • Continue through hallways and defeat all enemies that appear
  • Before going to the final room, Tolfdir will rejoin
  • Get master chest in the room before the boss
  • Prepare for boss fight on this Under Saarthal Skyrim Mission
  • Tolfdir will drains energy from the energy sphere in order to be able to damage Jurik Gauldurson (boss)
  • After that, defeat the boss and recover Gauldur amulet fragment

Ninth Objective: Talk to Arch Mage Saros Aren
  • After the battle, a scene will occur
  • Before going out through the door behind the sphere, find new Dragonshout power called Ice Form and treasure chest
  • Travel back to the College of Winterhold to inform Arch Mage about the discovery

After talk to the Arch Mage, you have completed the Under Saarthal Skyrim Mission perfectly. The rewards of this Under Saarthal Skyrim mission would be the Staff of Magelight.