Fallen Earth Beginner's Guide: Character Creation

Recently, Fallen Earth is available to download through Steam as announced by Gamersfirst. Actually, this game originally launched a couple years ago, but the developers decided to reintroduce this free to play MMO game on Steam. To get the F2P version, you can download via Steam client or make purchase using the Steam Wallet. Besides getting the copy of the game, you who purchased the game will receive three days of Commander Premium and Trashy the Hermit Crab pet as well. This is valid for those who purchase the Fallen Earth game either via retail or original release on Steam.

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

For first timer, Fallen Earth could be very confusing as there is complex system behind this game. But for now, you will only learn about the character creation on this game in order to get the best developed character and make the whole game easier. Even so, you don’t have to oblige this guidance as there probably better combination and method to create characters. In short, this Fallen Earth beginner guide is only for the first timer who doesn’t understand yet about characters and its properties in game.

At the beginning, you are allowed to have up to four characters per account. Two additional characters slot can be purchased from the games online store. But overall, four characters is plenty. While creating your Fallen Earth character, you will be given the choice of gender and options to determine the physical appearance. You can create your own character by your mean, including the one that looks exactly like you or you can just randomize the physical creation of your Fallen Earth by click the dice icons. Even so, it is recommended to create your own favorite appearance in order to keep you from boredom by using randomize characters.

Next is to name your characters, which you are allowed to select two names. All Fallen Earth characters name must unique on the server, though it is still not allowed to use punctuation or numerals in the character name. Also, if your name breaks EUAL or Code of Conduct of Fallen Earth, the Game Master staff is able to change your name without any confirmation. Again, you can also choose random name for your character by clicking the dice icon.

After all the first set up is done, you are now will be able to play the game with your characters. The first thing you need to do is surely to level up your character by getting experience points. In Fallen Earth, there are various ways to get experience points, including completing missions, killing monsters, killing players in PVP (Player Versus Player), harvesting nodes, crafting items, and few other methods.

And the last aspect on creating decent character in this game is to play attention to the Attribute points and character skill. Attribute points, or AP is the most important thing on developing your characters, so choose that suits your style of play better. While the character skill meaning the unique skill that will acquired by character depends on what you choose. Again, choose the skill that suits your style of play while playing Fallen Earth.