Top 3 Most Popular Small WoW Pets

As your companion in WoW game, WoW pets surely have many advantages. Besides help you at combat, there are also many other advantages that you could get by having pets as your company. Even so, the most recommended company on WoW is not only pets, but also uses other NPC as well in order to keep the balance while fighting with enemies. But the problem appear to pretty severe as there are more than 200 kind of WoW pets to choose from. This could be confusing for every gamer as each of those pets has their own advantage and disadvantages. That is why this list of the Top 3 pets is made, though only for small pets in WoW. Check them out!

WoW Pets

WoW Pets

Celestial Dragon seems to be the most popular small WoW pets of all. Besides the cool appearance and animation, as this pet jumps up and shakes it head as the animation. Not to mention that sometime the animation shows that this pet quickly zip around in star formation.  Other reason why this WoW pets is so popular is because it’s on very rare rarity level, so it won’t be easy to obtain this pet. To get Celestial Dragon, your character must complete the Littlest Pet Shop achievement. To complete the achievement, your character must have at least 150 unique vanity pets. After completion, this pet will be sent to you through your mailbox.

The second popular WoW pets are the Lil’ Tarcgosa. This Dragon Whelps Mythical pet is extremely rare, which is pretty hard to get. The only way to get Lil’ Tarcgosa as your pet is to complete the Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest guild achievement. After completing the achievement, you need to be exalted with their guild and finally able to purchase Lil’ Tarcgosa as your WoW pets from guild vendor.

Feline Familiar becomes another popular WoW pets for gamer worldwide, especially female gamers as this pet is very cute. It is because the animation that this Feline Familiar shown, especially when the idle animation occur as this pet yawns, sites and lies down. About the way to get Feline Familiar, this mammal pet is actually pretty easy to get as you only need to purchase it for 150 Tricky Treats during the in Hallow’s End holiday game. To get the Tricky Treats as the payment method, you need to get it from the candy buckets inside inns during the event. You can also get it by defeating Headless Horseman and other quests as well. The only difficulties to get this WoW pets is you can only get it during Hallow’s End event, which held only on October 18 to October 31.

Actually, besides those popular three WoW pets, there are many other popular small pets, such as Fox Kit, Core Hound Pup, Guardian Cub, Wind Rider Cub, Winterspring Cub, Dark Phoenix Hatchling, Phoenix Hatchling and many others. But choosing your pet is not only depends on pet’s popularity, but depends more on your desire as well as style of play. So, choose your WoW pets desirably.