WoW Warrior Quests Beginner Guide - Level 1 to Level 20

WoW warrior is the most common class that seen throughout Kalimdor and Azeroth, which also means that this class has the most quest compared to any other classes. Between eight races in World of Warcraft, each of them has their own special quest for Warrior class, which makes this game more interesting even after a couple times of play.  This article will then mention and describe the WoW warrior quests for certain level starting from level 1 until level 20. Hopefully, this short list and description of quests for warrior class are able to help you to complete the quest easier.

WoW Warrior

WoW Warrior

Level 1 WoW Warrior Quest (basic quest)
Read the Simple Scroll and go to Deathknell to speak to Dannal Stern. As a basic quest, this is probably the easiest quest as you only need to bring your scroll to your warrior trainer called Dannal Stern. For this quest, the reward is 40 XP.

Level 10 WoW Warrior Quests
  • Speak with Coleman; this quest requires you to learn the Defensive Warrior stance and receive a new weapon. You can finish this quest by go to Gallow’s End Tavern in eastern Brill. Find a guy called Coleman Farthing there. The reward is 20 until 210 XP
  • Speak with Dillinger; after finishing the ‘Speak with Coleman’ quest, you need to speak to Deathguard Dillinger. You can find him in near the graveyard in the west of Brill. The reward is 10-91 XP
  • Ulag the Cleaver; this quest is probably the first killing quest. Go to mausoleum in the graveyard and kill Ulag. After your winning, speak to Dillinger and receive Defensive stance and new abilities as rewards besides the 85-850 XP
  • Agamand Heirlooms; Go to north end of the Agamand mills to find the Agamand family crypt. Go all the way down to find all the requested weapon. The rewards are 3 Silver and 65-650 XP

Level 20 WoW Warrior Quests
  • Speak with Ruga; Go to Camp Taurajo in Barrens and find Ruga, which will set you on another quest. The reward is 120-160 XP
  • Trial at the Field of Giants; you need to collect 5 different bug parts on the south of Camp taurajo. The reward is shield and 160-1550 XP
  • Speak with Thun'grim; go to Thun’grimp camp at the east of the Crossroads of Barrens and you will receive another quest. The reward is 80-775 XP
  • Brutal Armor; finish this quest by bringing all the items required by Thun’grim. The reward for this quest is 370-3650 XP
  • Ula'elek and the Brutal Gauntlets; go to Ula’elek in Durotar in Sen’jin Village and he will craft you a brutal gauntlets. The reward is 120-1200 XP
  • Satyr Hooves; before receive your gauntlets, you must collect 7 uncloven satyr hooves, which can be found on Ashenvale. The reward is 120-1200 XP
  • Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal Helm; go to Thunder Bluff near the pool on the central totem, and you will receive another quest
  • Chimaeric Horn; this quest requires you to bring Galvanized Horn to Orm Stonehoof. Go to Charred Vale and defeat chimaera matriarch to obtain the item.
  • Velora Nitely and the Brutal Legguards; Go to undercisty to speak with Velora about brutal legguards
  • Dragonmaw Shinbones; you need to bring 8 Sturdy Dragonmaw Shinbones by collecting it from Dragonmaw orcs at Wetlands.

Those are the beginning of WoW Warrior quests and considered as the basic quest to make the players familiar with the game environment. There are still a lot of WoW Warrior quests after this, and each WoW Warrior quest become harder every time.