WoW Enchanting Guide - Reach Level 110 without Cost

This WoW Enchanting guide will help any of you that found out that the Strange Dust is ridiculously expensive. But the main purpose of this guide is to level up your WoW Enchanting from level 1 until around level 100 without cost at all. Before following the guide, you need to fulfill a requirement, which is having character with level 5 or higher or just use one of your Tailoring character. Read further to know how to do it.

WoW Enchanting

WoW Enchanting

The next step on this WoW Enchanting leveling guide is to level up your Tailoring of your character to level 30. The easiest way to reach this level in no time is to continuously make Bold of Linen Cloth until you are able to make other Tailoring item. Most of the time, your character’s Tailoring level will be reaches Level 30 when you are done making 200 Bolt of Linen Cloth. After you got this many Bolt of Linen Cloth, the next step is to make 100 Brown Linen Pants. Just ensure that you have a lot of spaces in your bag and continue on the next WoW Enchanting leveling guide step.

Afterwards, open your spellbook and drag your Disenchant spell to Action Bar. Next is to disenchant all the Brown Linen Pants and you will receive Strange Dust and Lesser Magic Essence. Sell these to make quite amount of gold. By this time, your Enchanting skill would be at least at Level 58 or above. Satisfied enough? Well you shouldn’t be as although you already reach high level of WoW Enchanting without money at all, but at the same time gain some gold; there are still some works to do to level up your WoW Enchanting even more, or at least until around level 100.

Right after, the next step to level up your WoW Enchanting and at the same time making money is to create and disenchant some items. Follow this enchanting guide below to make it easier for you to level up your character’s Enchanting:
  • Create 35 Bracer: Minor Health and disenchant it to get 35 Strange Dust. Your WoW Enchanting should be at level 90 at this moment
  • Create 10 Bracer: Minor Stamina and disenchant it to get 30 Strange Dust. At this moment, you enchanting level should be at level 100
  • Create 1 Runed Silver Rod and disenchant it to reach level 101
  • Create 9 Greater Magic Wand and disenchant it until your reach level 110

After following this guidance of leveling up your Enchanting level, you will now have some disenchanted items left. Sell them all to get some more gold. Just to be paid attention, this guide is not always accurate so there is probably some difference on the number of items you should create and disenchant in order to reach certain level of WoW Enchanting for your character.  Also, you can always use this WoW Enchanting leveling guide whenever you run out of money as you are able to make some gold using this method.