Jet Set Radio Characters

As one of the flagship game from SEGA for their Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio surely offers addictive game as well as interesting gameplay. Not to mention the iconic character that make the game is easier to remember. Known as Jet Grind Radio in North America, this game actually also released for other platform as well, including the 2D version on Game Boy Advance that developed by Vicarious Visions and on the Xbox console and named of Jet Set Radio Future. Regarding the characters, there are quite number of characters that appear in this game, while some main character are also appear in another game from SEGA, the SEGA Superstars Tennis. Check the list below to get closer to Jet Set Radio characters.

Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio

The leading character of this game is called Beat. He is only seventeen years old but already joined a street gang in Shibuya after ran away from his home in Fukowoka. Later on, Beat creates his own gang called ‘the GGs’ or Graffiti Gang, which consists of various other main characters. Regarding appearance, Beat wears orange t-shirt with Japanese letters on it and black pants. Green sun glasses, fingerless gloves, and headphones are the accessory of Beat. As described before, Beat also appear in the SEGA Superstars Tennis, which shown that Beat is considered as iconic character from SEGA.

Another lead character is Gum. Besides as the main member of the GGs, Gum also helped Beat to form the foundation of their gang. Gum’s background before joining graffiti gang is receiving short training mission along with Tab, another main character of Jet Set Radio. Also, similar with Beat as the main character, Gum also available to play in SEGA Superstars Tennis. But instead can be played since the beginning, Gum appear as unlockable character in that tennis game. Gum, similar with Beat, is also playable in the sequel, Jet Set Radio Future, that released for Xbox platform.

Tab is the next Jet Set Radio character, which is also a member of the GG’s. Along with Gum, Tab was doing short training mission before joining to the gang. Only six teen years old, Tab is already become one of the GG’s most skilled taggers, which is the best choice for beginners on this game. Other info about Tab is he doesn’t like cops at all and always avoid them using his clever mind. In the Jet Set sequel, Tab is also known as Corn.

Besides those three main characters, there are also some of characters that playable in this game, including Combo, who stands for the giant boombox on his shoulder, Cube, who joins the GG’s along with his friend Combo, DJ professor K, a DJ in Tokyo-To’s premier radio station, Garam, Mew, Pirahna, and Yoyo. Each of those characters plays a role in the plot of this game, where you need to fight the government that known as Rokkaku Police. The game will then goes further with some more unlockable character, including the main character of Jet Set Radio, Beat.