Move the Box Walkthrough - The Hardest Level

Move the Box coming as one of the most addictive mobile game in both Android and iOS devices. The gameplay of this mobile puzzle game is actually simple as you only need to solve the puzzle that has a lot in common with the famous three-in-a-row game, Bejeweled. Logic is the thing you need to solve this game. There are 4 areas to solve in this game, which each area have 24 levels to solve. All you need to do is just move the box around to clean the dock. However, you are given only certain number of turn per level, and that makes this game challenging.

Besides those many levels, the hardest level on each area surely is the last level, Level 24. So, this article will guide you to understand the clue of each four level 24 in each area so you can solve it fast. And if the clue is not clear enough, you are allowed to see the answer straight. It is recommended to try to solve these levels without any clue at all at the beginning as you will get the best experience by doing so.  However, if you have stuck in the last level of each area of Move the Box game, feel free to see this guide.

Move the Box

Move the Box

You will find five box types in this level, including Green chest, dark brown chest, gray chest, brown package, and brown plank and only allowed to use 3 turns to solve the puzzle.

CLUE: Notice that getting rid the brown plank boxes in the middle could create a whole that you cannot get out by yourself. Also, pay attention to the other two brown plank boxes on the right of the screen.

ANSWER: Notice the only hanging three brown plank boxes on the second row from the bottom. Move the right two spaces to the right. Then, move the topmost gray chest one square down. And you have solved this Level 24 and cleared BOSTON area, Congratulations!

OSAKA AREA: Level 24
There are 5 box types in this last level of OSAKA, including Green chest, Gray chest, Red plank, Brown plank, and Brown package. You are allowed to use 3 turns only to solve this puzzle.

CLUE: never move the green chest at the very top side of the right to make it in columns. But instead make the green chest in rows

ANSWER: First, move the topmost brown plank box one space down so it switch place with green chest. Next, take that green chest and move it to right for one space so it switch place with the gray chest on the bottom right. And last, move the brown plank box at the beginning one space down and once more time, congratulations on finishing OSAKA area.

Although there are only 4 types of box, including Green chest, gray chest, brown plank, and brow package, and you are given 4 turns, never think that this last level on HAMBURG area is easy to solve as this level of Move the Box game is very tricky.

CLUE: as it is very tricky, just go straight to the answer

ANSWER: From the middle column, move the topmost brown package box one space to the left. Do it twice. Then, move the topmost brown plank box that placed in the middle of the column one space down. And last, move the same brown plank box one space to the left.

As for the last level of the game, which is level 24 of North Pole, it is better for you to solve that level by your own logic as that last level really will be satisfying as you are finally able to solve the whole game of Move the Box.