Guild Wars 2, No Subcription Fees Needed!

Guild Wars 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that is currently being developed by ArenaNET. Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to ArenaNET’s original Guild Wars that was released in 2005. The story takes place 250 years after the event of “Eye of the North” expansion pack, in a fantasy world called Tyria, where special guild dubbed “Destiny’s Edge” that is in the process of emergence. “Destiny’s Edge” is a guild that only fight and slay a tyrant species, Elder Dragons, that have successfully controlled Tyria since the age of the previous installment, Guild Wars. Like its predecessor, Guild Wars, subscription fees are absolutely not necessary. The game will be released in 2012. What is new in Guild Wars 2? Check this out!

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNET uses the extremely modified version of Guild Wars engine. Havok physics system is used to better support the game physics. The animations and graphics are also enhanced, real-time 3D environment will also be available in the game. Guild Wars 2 will have a quite unique storyline system that is rarely used in MMORPGs but commonly seen in singleplayer RPGs. The quest system is innovational for MMORPGs. This game will provide cutscenes, an uncommon thing to see in MMORPGs. The battle will be more dynamic. Players can use environment as weapons. Like rocks, branches, and other things. The level cap is also higher, which is 80, while Guild Wars is only 20. Guild Wars players, don’t be sad! Although your character cannot be transferred to Guild Wars 2, you will get exclusive items, titles, animal companions, and mini-pets depending on your character’s achievements.

Guild Wars 2 has an exceptional party system. When killing a monster, everybody that participated in the battle will get experiences and items from the monster. So, it is not restricted to party members only. That was the PvE system. The game also provide colossal PvP battle that will take place in a world, where everybody can join and leave the world every time they want to.

As usual, it has the job and race system. Guild Wars 2 will let you choose from 5 races and 8 jobs. The races are humans and charr like the ones in the original Guild Wars, asura and norn that was first revealed in Eye of the North expansion pack, and the new race called the sylvari. Every race has their own unique skills. The jobs are divided into 3 categories, 2 heavy-armored jobs in “soldiers” category, 3 medium-armored jobs in “adventurers” category, and 3 light-armored jobs in “scholars” category. They are:

Guild Wars 2 Jobs

Scholar-typed job that uses magics.

Scholar as well. Instead of magics, Necromancers use manipulation of death.

Hypnotic scholar that masters trickery and mind manipulation.

Medium-armored job. Uses bows and fast melee weapons. Rangers can have animal companions that can be equipped with skills.

Adventurer job. Thiefs can use melee and ranged weapons including pistols. Specialize in traps and theft.

Another adventurer job. Engineers can use all types of guns, be it pistols or rifles. They also can places turrets, mines, and other gadgets.

Heavy-armored job. Warriors can use both melee and ranged weapons that focus on direct damage. They can buff allies. Adrenaline enables them to execute special ability when the meter is full.

Soldier job. They have good passive abilities. They provide defense buffs and skills to aid allies.

It is a shame that there is no job advancement. But it is not a big deal. Guild Wars 2 will still kick ass!