UFC on Xbox LIVE – Epic Fail Premier

The premier of UFC on Xbox LIVE was last Friday. This jaw-breaking, intense show is favored by a lot of people, including gamers. To please the customers hunger of violence, Microsoft released the UFC application in Xbox LIVE on the 20th of December 2011. The app allows gamers to watch UFC on Xbox LIVE and because it is a pay-per-view show, you still have to pay per view. This app surely attracts attentions from the gamers and UFC’s die-hard fans. The premier was scheduled to air on Friday, the 30th of December 2011, 10 days after the initial release of the app. Gold members will have access on pre-fights and extras. Chatting to friends when watching the match is also possible. But, did it go that well? Let’s see.

UFC on Xbox LIVE

Before the premier UFC on Xbox LIVE, Microsoft has issued 30,000 freebie codes and sent it to lucky customers to promote the app. The premier was UFC 141 Lesnar versus Overeem. It was supposed to be a thrilling, action-packed fight. The freebie watchers and the subscribers are all waiting for this awesome fight of the century in front of their Xbox 360. But shit happens ‘nuff said. The show was actually far from the expectations, it was a total wreckage. Imagine you are streaming a video with rapid auto-switching video quality from HD, standard, even to “egg scramble” quality. For some people, the app won’t start even though button-mashing was well performed. The UFC on Xbox LIVE app bounces and crashes, making viewers very much disappointed. The chat feature did not work, nor the fast-forwarding. For some poor guys, they couldn’t watch other than the start of the show. Lesnar looked like scrambly white and black dots while Overeem looked like moving static lines on the screen.

This is likely to be caused by server overload. Since UFC is very popular, a lot of dudes have already subscribed to the UFC app. Followed with Microsoft’s 30,000 freebie viewers. Watching the live pay-per-view in a channel with that amount of viewers have surely wrecked the app. I don’t know why Microsoft did not consider this kind of problem to the testing phase.

Regarding this problem, Microsoft humbly apologized to the viewers, freebies and non-freebies. The 30,000 freebies can be used on future fight to compensate the disappointment. But, on the verge of the disaster, Microsoft said to watch UFC on alternative way. Microsoft is simply turning down the customers’ hope and refusing money. Can you imagine yourself as a die-hard fanatics of [insert your favorite show here] that failed to watch your long-awaited live limited-time special edition show episode because of a technical problem and to make it even worse, you paid for it. What are you going to do? Sue? Put a shotgun in the responsible person’s mouth? If I were one of the disappointed viewers, I would simply ask for a refund or a massive compensation.

So, do you think UFC on Xbox LIVE will succeed seeing the first impression was really a made-me-pissed-off material? Let’s see what do you say about this, leave a comment below!