Survive L.A. Noire: Tips and Trick

Developed by Team Bondi and Rockstar, L.A. Noire has shown its outstanding quality to gamers. L.A Noire is proven to be revolutionary and unique, despite its adoption of usual sandbox gameplay that involves free-roaming, car-driving, and side-missions. L.A. Noire introduces the face motion capture technology. It means that real actors act while the developers are recording the face motion. The records are processed and combined with animation software to make the best-ever face expressions in the video game history. The game was released around May last year for XBOX 360 and PS3, the PC edition came on the 8th of November 2011 in North America and 11th of November worldwide with all DLCs included and dubbed “L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition”.

Even though the genre is similar to other games like True Crime and Mafia, it offers different and exceptional features. In this game, we cannot outrageously shoot pedestrians or crush random people’s heads with tires. We play as the good guy this time, which is Detective Cole Phelps. Our job as Detective Cole Phelps is to bust baddies and fight in the name of righteousness. Detective Phelps was a soldier in the World War II. He got his ass shipped back to the States because of some “accident” (no worries, no spoilers are gonna be spoiled). L.A. Noire features detective investigation in the crime scenes, in interrogations, or in shootouts. As a detective, you have to be critical and sharp-eyed to find evidence in the crime scenes. As an interrogator, you have to be good at reading people’s expressions to tell whether they lied or they told the truth. You are given a handgun and a notebook as your primary starter equipment.

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

To play L.A. Noire and survive to the end with high scores, you have to understand the rules. I will tell you the tips and tricks to get high ranks and master L.A. Noire, preventing you from messing up your playthroughs. Don’t worry, like I said before, no spoilers are going to be spoiled. Continue ahead, fellow readers!

Notebook is Mighty Crucial
Open the notebook and you can see the case’s progression. You can also look at datas like places you can travel to, evidences that you have found, and intuition points. Use the intuition points if you meet a dead end on where to find evidences in a certain area.

Your Partner is not a Bag of Dirt
In L.A. Noire, your pal is useful. Even though your pal is not a bag of dirt, don’t expect him to be smart. At least he is able to drive the car for you and tell you his boring opinions about the current condition. But, those boring opinions might prove to be helpful.

Keep your Ears Open
The voice-acting and the background music also sounds are are indeed fabulous. When you play L.A. Noire, listen to the sounds. When the music fades and disappears, it means the clues and evidences in that area are 100% discovered. There also different sound effects in interrogations that tell you whether your choice were right or wrong.

A Horny and Sireney Car
Activate the siren when you are in a chase. This will prevent you from crashing other vehicles and innocent pedestrians. The horn and siren is useful if you want to keep your rank good.

Eyes, Hands, Lips, Evidences
The key in interrogation is observation. Make sure you observe closely movements of lips, eyes, and hands. Sudden, unusual, fast movement is a sign. Before you are accusing someone of lying, check your notebook whether you have the evidence or not. Doubt if you don’t have enough evidence to back-up your offensive accusation.

Rockstar Games Social Club

If you want to check on your complete detailed progression and stats, sign up. You can link your account to the social club.

If you do those things in L.A. Noire, your playthroughs are bound to be successful. But, if you need specific help on something, don’t be shy to ask. Thanks for reading the tips and tricks of L.A. Noire!