UFC Personal Trainer: Free Workout Pack!

On June 28th 2011, this revolutionary fitness game, UFC Personal Trainer was released. It is not only a usual fitness or workout game, but it gives you the real workout sessions of UFC champions. You can choose various champion’s workout sessions and also learn actual moves like kickboxing uppercut, flying knee, isometric lunge, wrestling sprawl, et cetera. It is published by THQ and developed by Heavy Iron Studio. To play this game, you will need Kinect for Xbox 360 and PS Move for PS3. No additional peripheral is needed for Wii.

UFC Personal Trainer was released full of bugs, crashes, and freezes. Since the August 2011’s patch, the game has been better with less errors. The Xbox 360 Kinect version has voice command feature, allowing you to command the game without getting your hands on the controller. But, the Wii version did not get any fixes since it is impossible.

In this game, there are 4 coaches. Greg Jackson, Mark Dellagrotte, Rachelle Leah, and Javier Mendez. You will be told what to do by the coaches plus motivational words to keep you on fire. The workout itself is not a common fitness workout, there are times that you imitate the moves of UFC champions. You will feel like a real bad ass mixed martial artist when working out with this game.

UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal Trainer is not just words. There are testimonials and results from real customers. It will surely make you lose weights and make you healthier by any means. Despite all the advantages, UFC is still a niche. The sales is not that surprisingly high, it is so-so. And to promote UFC Personal Trainer, on January 6th 2012, THQ released a free workout pack by Urijah Faber in Xbox Marketplace. Urijah Faber is a Bantamweight UFC fighter. The free workout pack will include 5 new workout routines and also 15 Hit the Mitts practices with the Bantamweight. It also includes an Undisputee Trainee achievement that will allow you to unlock Create-a-Fighter boost exclusively for the upcoming UFC Indisputed 3. The boost will save you like 10 hours of gameplay for your character. THQ does not stop there.

Two workout packs are currently planned to release on the end of this month and also on the mid of next month. The workout packs cost 800 Microsoft points each. The Cain Velasques workout pack will release on the 31st of January 2012. It includes five brand new workout routines and Hit the Mitts drills with the virtual Mr. Velasques. The other one is Jon Jones workout pack. It is planned to release on the 21st of January 2012 featuring five workout routines and 15 Hit the Mitts session with the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

This fitness-fighting game is considered underrated. THQ prefers and supports mostly the Xbox 360 version since that version is the one that sells the most. There is no official statement and announcement yet regarding the Wii version and PS3 version DLCs. If you want to buy it, it is priced at around 50 bucks. In spite of its average review scores, UFC Personal Trainer is still a good and worthy fitness game. I haven’t got my hands on this game yet, but I want to. UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Workout for the Ultimate UFC Body!