SWTOR Matrix Shard Recipe and Video Guide

SWTOR Matrix Shard is an item used to craft or assembly a relic called Matrix Cube. Three SWTOR Matrix Shards are required to assembly a Matrix Cube. They are only can be found in datacrons scattered all over the universe. Every character has 2 slots of relic equipment, but only one Matrix Cube can be stored in the inventory at a time because it is considered a limited mission item. The cube gives passive stats bonus.

SWTOR Matrix Shards

SWTOR Matrix Shards

The SWTOR Matrix Shards and datacrons are limited in number, there are only 67 datacrons and 16 matrix shards in the game. The SWTOR Matrix Shards and datacrons are located in all the worlds, including Republic Worlds, Imperial Worlds and Neutral Worlds. Since I love Sith Assassin, let me start the list from Sith Empire World:

Sith Empire Worlds

Hutta= Blue Matrix Shard
Korriban= Red Matrix Shard
Dromund Kaas= Yellow Matrix Shard

Galactic Republic Worlds
Ord Mantell= Red Matrix Shard
Coruscant= Yellow Matrix Shard
Tython= Blue Matrix Shard

Neutral Worlds
Balmorra= [Imp] Green Matrix Shard
Taris= [Rep] Green Matrix Shard
Hoth= Red Matrix Shard
Nar Shaddaa= Yellow Matrix Shard
Ilum= Yellow Matrix Shard, Red Matrix Shard
Belsalvis= Green Matrix Shard
Corellia= Blue Matrix Shard, Green Matrix Shard
Tatooine= Blue Matrix Shard

So, the total is four Red Matrix Shards, four Green Matrix Shards, four Blue Matrix Shards, and four Yellow Matrix Shards. See the video guide below for the exact location of the datacrons for the SWTOR Matrix Shards.

SWTOR Matrix Shards Video Guide

Three Matrix Shards are needed to craft the Matrix Cube. You can combine the same colors or different colors. Every different combination of SWTOR Matrix Shard color can produce different effects and different level of Matrix Cube. Each of the color represents:

Red= Strength
Green= Cunning/Aim
Blue= Willpower
Yellow= Endurance

To assemble a Matrix Cube, an assembly is essential. The Sith Empire’s is on Dromund Kaas, in any-access phase around the Dark Temple. The Republic’s is in the Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant. It is free to assemble a relic. If you think that you have assembled a wrong relic, you can disassemble it to get the materials back. Though, using disassembler is not free, you need a power core to operate it. Buy one for 20,000 credits on Tatooine or Taris. Buy it from a Jawa.

Now that you have known the basics, let me start the listing. There are 4 tiers of Matrix Cubes. Level 15, level 24, level 32, and level 50 cubes. The level 50 cubes are divided to Force user and Tech user’s Matrix Cube. There are several bugged Matrix Cubes too. The list below maybe not complete, but it is the latest information available.

Level 15
-Red+Yellow+Green = M2-W1
8 Endurance + 18 Willpower
-Red+Blue+Green = M2-W2
15 Aim + 11 Endurance
-Red+Blue+Yellow = M2-W3
18 Strength + 8 Endurance
-Blue+Green+Yellow = M2-W0
11 Strength + 14 Endurance

Level 24
-Yellow+Yellow+Blue = M3-J1
19 Aim + 24 Endurance
-Yellow+Yellow+Red = M3-J2
19 Strength + 24 Endurance
-Yellow+Yellow+Green = M3-L1
14 Endurance + 28 Cunning
-Blue+Blue+Yellow = M3-A1
19 Strength + 24 Endurance
-Blue+Blue+Green = M3-A2
28 Aim + 14 Endurance
-Blue+Blue+Red = M3-V2
24 Endurance + 19 Willpower

Level 32
-Green+Green+Red = M4-B1
39 Cunning + 23 Endurance
-Green+Green+Blue = M4-A1
29 Aim + 33 Endurance
-Green+Green+Yellow = M4-L0
29 Strength + 33 Endurance (bugged?)
-Red+Red+Green = M4-B2
39 Aim + 23 Endurance
-Red+Red+Blue = M4-V1
33 Endurance + 29 Willpower
-Red+Red+Yellow = M4-O2
29 Strength + 33 Endurance (bugged?)

Level 50 – Tech Users
-Red+Red+Red = M7-R3
72 Cunning + 48 Endurance + 7 Critical Rating
-Green+Green+Green = M7-G0
50 Strength + 43 Endurance + 18 Critical Rating + 26 Surge (Bugged?)
-Blue+Blue+Blue = M7-B3
58 Strength + 50 Endurance +24 Critical Rating
-Yellow+Yellow+Yellow = M7-Y3
52 Aim + 60 Endurance + 18 Defense Rating

Level 50 – Force Users
-Red+Red+Red = M7-R3
50 Endurance + 58 Willpower + 24 Critical Rating
-Green+Green+Green = M7-G0
58 Strength + 50 Endurance + 24 Critical Rating
-Blue+Blue+Blue = M7-B3
50 Aim + 43 Endurance + 26 Accuracy + 18 Critical (bugged?)
-Yellow+Yellow+Yellow = M7-Y3
52 Strength + 60 Endurance + 18 Defense Rating

That was the recipe of Matrix Cube from combinations of SWTOR Matrix Shards. Don’t be shy to leave a comment!