WoW - Darkmoon Faire 2012

Here comes the time for the monthly event of World of Warcraft, Darkmoon Faire! The Darkmoon Faire is held on Sunday before the first Monday of the month for a week. This month, it started on Sunday, the 1st of January 2012 until next Sunday. This month’s gonna be fun!

Darkmoon Faire is a carnival event held by Darkmoon Silas. It is also an enormous gathering place for vendors, NPC, and players. The carnival is located on the Darkmoon Island. You can get there via the portal on Thunder Bluff, Mulgore and Goldshire, Elwynn Forest. If you can’t manage to get there or you are too lazy to walk there and can afford some silver, you can use the transport service. You can find the mages that offer teleport service in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City, and Dalaran. The price varies depending on your current level. You will not regret it, the experiences there are worth the silvers spent!

The Darkmoon Faire is a sanctuary, meaning, bloodshed in the area is forbidden. Since it is a true neutral place, every race and faction can visit it to have fun. Even though the place is sanctuary, the area beside the path is dangerous. PvP is often demonstrated near the Darkmoon Faire. Be careful not to stray too far from the Faire and the pathway.

Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire

So, in the Darkmoon Faire, you can find various entertainment stands, shops, vendors, and quest givers. The items sold by the vendors are not usual and common items, there are rather rare items sold. Replica armors for transmogrification are also available in the Darkmoon Faire. To play a mini-game, you have to pay with Darkmoon Game Tokens obtained from completing profession quests from the NPCs in the Faire. Playing the mini-game earns you Darkmoon Prize Tickets that can be traded with items like pets, transmogrification armors, heirlooms, mounts, et cetera. Below is the list of the mini-games and other fun activities in the Darkmoon Faire:

The Darkmoon Cannon
You can launch yourself up in the air with The Darkmoon Cannon. Your job is to hit a target on the water. Getting a bullseye nets you 5 points, close to the bullseye gets you 3 points, and the least point is 1 point. Achieving a certain high score will get you Darkmoon Prize Ticket.

Ring Toss
The classic ring toss. You are given 10 rings to toss onto the pole.

Shooting Gallery
My favorite game in carnivals. The vendor will give you a pellet rifle, in 60 seconds, you have to score at least 25 points. The mini-game is easy if you are not plagued by lag.

Similar to Whack-the-Mole. Instead of moles, you have gnolls to whack. Hitting a normal gnoll earns you 1 point, Hogger gnoll earns you 3 points, and hitting a baby gnoll makes you lose the game. You are given 60 seconds to net 30 points by whacking the gnolls with a mallet.

Tonk Challenge
Control a Steam Tonk Cannon with a remote controller. Your mission is to destroy 30 targets in the warzone with other players’ tonks. The Tonk can only damage other tonk, it cannot damage players. Tonks is an alternative to conventional PvP.

You have to answer several questions and the fortune-teller will give you a fortune that transforms into a buff that last for two hours. The buff depends on your answer to the questions.

Test Your Strength
You will be challenged to bring back as many trophies as you can. The trophies are earned by killing creatures that give you experiences with the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your bag.

Darkmoon Zoo Bizarre
The zoo will be available in the end of the Darkmoon Faire. There are many exotic and strange animals in the zoo. It is like a freak show with petting zones and VIP tours.

Deathmatch Pit
You can try to get the Darkmoon Treasure Chest by winning this game. You will be pitted in the arena with many players. The rule is free-for-all and of course, survival of the fittest. The chest respawns every three hours.

Tonk Free-For-All
There are free tonks to control for a free-for-all tonks battle.

Chieftain of Tauren’s Performance
Every hour, the Chieftain will perform Power of the Horde on a stage sometimes.

It is fun, no? C’mon, let’s go to the Darkmoon Faire this month while it still lasts! Behold, my friend: The Darkmoon Faire!