RuneScape Barrows New Look!

The 2012 new year comes with the legendary MMORPG’s improvement, RuneScape Barrows graphical upgrade! RuneScape Barrows is a life-staking minigame located in southern Morytania, east of Mort’ton. It is a tomb filled with restless spirits and other defiled creatures. It was released around 7 years ago, on the 9th of May 2005. You have to complete the Priest in Peril quest prior to doing the RunsScape Barrows since the reward gives access to the RuneScape Barrows.

RuneScape Barrows

RuneScape Barrows

The RuneScape Barrows is full of treasures. You have the possibility to find the Barrows equipments here which are strong armors in the game. The armors are even worth a big fortune. They can be sold up to 3 millions! Well, no pain no gain, Nuff said. To get the treasures, you have to overcome many challenges and hardships. Actually, the primary objective in the RuneScape Barrows is to open the treasure chest located deep in the Crypts and defeat the 6 damned Barrows Brothers souls. They are strong warriors that have different stats and specialties, also different weakness.

If you are trying to attempt this mini-game, beware. Going inside all gun-blazing will get you slaughtered in no time. Getting killed means losing your items. Lara Croft will even think twice before entering this cursed tomb of the damned. To fight the evil entities that lie in the RuneScape Barrows, it is recommended to use Magic attacks, preferably Ancient Magics. The Brothers are susceptible to magic. However, if you are a melee fighter or a ranged-typed character, don’t worry. You can still attempt this minigame, but you will need higher stats and level to survive the RuneScape Barrows.

The minigame starts when you dig a grave if the brothers. A spade is essential to dig the graves. No need to bring a spade since there are spades beside each graves. Digging the grave will lead into a room with sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus, the brother lies. Opening it will awaken the spirit and start the fight. Be careful not to piss yourself since they are very strong. You will need lots of recovery items. It is highly recommended that you bring an equipment that increases the drop quality and rate.

In the last sarcophagus, there won’t be any corpse, but there is an underground crypt where the last Barrows brother and the treasure chest sits silently. The crypt is like a maze with faulty doors. Every time you open a door, monsters will spawn. Getting near the treasure chest will spawn the last brother and any Barrows Brother that you haven’t killed yet.

Before 2012, the minigame visual look is considered shabby. Actually, it is not so bad. But, after 7 years have passed with no different graphics, it gets boring. So, to relive the RuneScape Barrows, new graphics upgrade is released. No more boring grave, no more sleazy Barrows Brother, no more old-fashioned Barrows. The environment is more misty and creepy, the Barrows Brothers are sleek and dazzling. This improvement will surprise Lara Croft for sure! On the 4th of January 2012, it was released along with extra 10 percent chance of getting double drops and new Draconic visage drop. The extra bonuses won’t last forever, it will end on the 12th of January 2012. Come on, what are you waiting for? Be the next tomb raider in the “new” RuneScape Barrows!