NFL Blitz 2012 - Back in Action

It has been nine years since the last NFL Blitz was released, the long-awaited remake of NFL Blitz 2012 is now available on store! NFL Blitz 2012 was released a few days ago on the 4th of January 2012. Currently, there is no retail version of the game. You can only buy it via the XBOX Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points or 14.99 dollars in PlayStation Networks. The remake was made possible thanks to Electronic Arts.

Actually, the latest installment of the series was released about four years ago. Instead of NFL Blitz, it was titled as simply Blitz. The NFL Blitz name was carried only until 2003. In 2005, Midway released another American football game called Blitz: The League. It is filled with fiction rosters, players, tournaments, but it uses the similar rule. The game did not use the title NFL Blitz because Midway has lost the license.

NFL Blitz 2012

NFL Blitz 2012

NFL Blitz 2012 remake release brings joy to the fans. After Midway filed for bankruptcy back in 2009, Electronic Arts got the NFL Blitz intellectual property’s rights. Electronic Arts is currently the one and only holder of NFL’s license and video game rights. Electronic Arts also differs the gameplay of Madden NFL and this NFL Blitz 2012. While EA’s Madden NFL is more real and more like a simulation game, NFL Blitz 2012 is designed to be an arcade, fast-paced American football game like the first arcade release of the game by Midway.

It is absolutely going to be crazily fun and wild. Hence, the genre, it is enjoyable to both experts of American football and first-timers. You can throw the ball like 50 yards away, doing impossible tricks, and even crazy-sprinting can get your player on fire, literally. There are no rule against violence. You can tackle the enemy however you like. No wonder that zombies can play football in this game. Different from real American football, the match consists of 14 players, seven men per team.

EA has included several modes. There is singleplayer mode and offline / online multiplayer mode. Even though the singleplayer mode can get boring in a short time, the multiplayer mode is a whole lotta fun. You can team up with your friends in your friends list or even with a friend locally to battle real players from across the world. Since it was originally developed by Midway, there is a mode called Blitz Gauntlet where you fight other teams in a similar-to-Mortal-Kombat ladder that involves bosses. EA has brilliantly implanted a classic system that won’t bore gamers when waiting for the match to start. That’s right, gorgeous cheerleader girls on the loading screen. Well, the girls are indeed hot, if you think an enormous headed girl with mini-sized body is hot.

Overall, the game is highly-recommended. NFL Blitz 2012 contains a combination of sports, novelties, insane actions that transform into an arcade game that is very enjoyable. You will be playing it for quite a while.