Modders Heaven: Skyrim Creation Kit Arrives This January

Finally, the month has come. Modders game-of-the-century kit, Skyrim Creation Kit will be released sometime this month exclusively for PC. Bethesda has announced the release of the kit since the earl of December. Since it is the second week of the month, we can expect it to be released to the wild not longer than 2 weeks from now. This tool is absolutely going to steal your sweetroll!

Bethesda is genius, you know why? Releasing the tool for modders will surely expand the community. It makes modding easier and more detailed. Actually, the predecessor of Skyrim, Oblivion, also has a creation kit. The difference is, Oblivion creation kit was included in the game. Before the Skyrim Creation Tools arrived, we already have a massive community of Skyrim modders and mod users. I think Bethesda really understands well what their customers want and also understands well the law of mutual exchange. Well, I mean they understand that creation kit means larger community, and larger community means more bigger and sweeter sweetrolls. Catch what I’m saying?

Skyrim Creation Kit

Skyrim Creation Kit

The Skyrim Creation Kit is the developing kit originally made and used by Bethesda. It will render possible for modders to extract, see, and edit the game files more accurately and detailed. Modding before the release of the kit is possible though. Modders use third party modding kits to see, add, and edit game files of the game. The kits are the ones that are usually used on the Elder Scrolls series games and it came out that the kits are also compatible for Skyrim. The mods are also gonna be compatible to Steam Workshop, meaning, you can download mods, upload yours, and rate others on Steam with the “cloud” storage system. It is now simpler to install the mods using Steam Workshop. It will automatically install the mod to the right directory. You won’t be troubled and confused on where and how to install mods.

So, what does Skyrim Creation Kit capable of doing? Well, the Skyrim Creation Kit allows modders to extract more game data. More game data mean more information available for the game. Not only information, but modders can also make more advanced mods based on the game data. Other than editing, the creation kit can also add new things. Modders can make their own game contents and add it to the vanilla for better experiences. Bugs and glitches can also be fixed using the game’s creation kit. So, we could fix the bugs and glitches without waiting for the official patch release from Bethesda.

This Skyrim Creation Kit is like a dream catcher. You can make your dreams come true if you understand programming and designs. If you don’t, you can ask and request every time to the nearest modders, sometimes for a price. You like the LMFAO? You can make RedFoo the Jarl of Whiterun and SkyBlu the Jarl of Winterhold. You hate Justin Bieber? Make the thugs’ face like Bieber and smack them up.  Or maybe you want to spice up the game by adding new armors, weapons, skills, or maybe cities and game modes! But of course, it is not easy to make one, time is the essence. The possibility of modding with Skyrim Creation Kit is beyond unlimited!

My cousin’s still off fighting dragons though. And I’m stuck here modding Skyrim.