Where to Find It: Skyrim Nirnroot

The Skyrim Nirnroot is a rare and useful item in Skyrim. It is mainly used for alchemy. There is a quest that prompts you to collect Skyrim Nirnroot. But it is not as bad as Oblivion’s where you have to collect a whopping amount of Nirnroots. I meant five-thousands-nirnroots-collecting bad.

Skyrim Nirnroot is a plant that is growing in Tamriel. It is very rare according to the loading screen tips. The Skyrim Nirnroot is highly-valued by alchemists. A very good ingredient indeed. It also emits a fluorescent light at night, making it easier to spot. It is said that Nirnroots aren’t growing back after being harvested. But the truth is, Skyrim Nirnroot grows back. Either myth busted or glitch busted!

Why do we need the magic weeds? In alchemy, Skyrim Nirnroot gives four effects, which are damage health, damage stamina, invisibility, and resist magic. The root is needed to craft some potions and poisons. Other than that, it is needed to complete a quest called Few and Far Between where you have to collect 30 nirnroots to restock rare ingredients to alchemist. For extra fortunes, you can sell it to Avrusa Sarethi, the owner of the Sarethi Farm for 10 gold.

Nirnroots grow near the water. You can find it in shores of Skyrim. It emits light and produce a horrible sound whenyou are near the Skyrim Nirnroot. But fear not, the nirnroots have an exact places of respawn. They can regrow in days. You can also find nirnroots on merchants, loots, and stores. There is a specific farm that grows nirnroots too. Every time you find a dead alchemist body, loot it. They are bound to be found on an alchemist’ dead body since the Skyrim Nirnroot is a must for alchemists.

I will list you the area where the Nirnroots can be found plus the amount. Check this out, it is categorized based on the area:

Skyrim Nirnroot Locations

Skyrim Nirnroot

The Rift
  • Sarethi Farm -  9
  • Heartwood Mill - 3

  • Northwatch Keep - 8
  • Steepfall Burrow - 6
  • Ravenscar Hollow - 3
  • Around Rimerock Burrow - 3
  • Broken Oar Grotto - 3

The Pale
  • Dawnstar Sanctuary - 5
  • Wreck of The Brinehammer - 3

The Reach
  • Bruca’s Leap Redoubt - 4
  • Around Mor Khazgur - 3
  • Gloomreach - 3

  • Abandoned Shack - 3
  • Wreck of the Icerunner - 3

Whiterun Hold
  • Redoran’s Retreat - 3
  • Bleakwind Basin - 3

Falkreath Hold
  • Evergreen Grove - 4

  • Bleakcoast Cave - 3

  • Brinewater Grotto - 3

Okay, so that were the places where you can get the nirnroots without any doubt. You can find more along the coast. You can steal some too from Angeline’s Aromatics at Solitude or Sinderion’s Field Laboratory at Blackreach.

However, the nirnroots are not without glitches and bugs. Like always, Bethesda’s games are always filled with bugs. Don’t know whether their tester sucks or they are making us the testers. The nirnroot’s glowing light sometimes does not vanish after the corresponding nirnroot being picked up. And there is a Skyrim Nirnroot that cannot be harvested too somewhere near Winterhold.

Have an update regarding the growing places of nirnroots? We will appreciate your help!