Skyrim: Lost Lydia? I am Sworn to Give You Solutions

Lydia is one of the most popular followers in Skyrim. She is your sworn housecarl, given by the Jarl of Whiterun, Jarl Balgruuf, as a sign of gratitude and honor. Everybody loves Lydia, but she seems to have her own problems since she is often reported missing in action and known for her specialty in going AWOL.

Lydia is given to you after completing the first dragon-slaying quest. You will be granted the permission to buy property in Whiterun, the title “Thane of Whiterun,” and this pretty bodyguard. She is sworn to do many things for you, she is also one of the first followers. Lydia’s default equipment is all steel, from the top of her head to the tip of her toe. However, if you give her better equipments, she will wear it happily.

Lydia lives in the Dragonsreach before you own the Breezehome. After you have the Breezehome, she will be there as your loyal servant. What’s great is, she is sworn, strong, reliable, and absolutely too hot for a mere housecarl. You can ask her to accompany you in your adventure and she is willing to carry your items too. Lydia’s infamous extremely over-the-top sarcastic punchline happens when you trade items with her, “I am swoooorn to carry your burdens”. That’s the thing that makes Lydia unique and different. You can actually marry her and make her your eternal soulmate and servant. But, the game is bugged. You cannot legitimately marry Lydia, but you have to tweak some commands in the console commands.

Now, let’s get back to topic. She often disappears without notice and it happens more frequently compared to other followers. You are fighting enemies with your trusted Lydia and after the fight ends, you can’t find her anywhere. I will provide you the solutions regarding this trouble and the causes too. Don’t panic! Let’s start the “Missing Lydia” troubleshoot and prepare for the worst, she could have taken an arrow in the knee:



Lost sight of her? Fast travel!
When you think that Lydia is missing and you lose sight of her, try fast traveling. She might be stuck and bugged and when you fast travel, she will automatically be at your side.

Seems that I told her to wait....
This problem is likely because you told her to wait and forgot to tell her to follow you. Lydia is very loyal, she won’t move an inch before you told her so. Backtrack where you last seen her.

Told her to part ways, but she isn’t in the Breezehome!
You told her to part way to try another follower or you are prompted to do so because of a quest, but you can’t find her anywhere. If you already got Breezehome, check it first, if she is not there, check Dragonsreach. If you have checked both and Lydia is not there, wait (press T on the keyboard) for a few hours outside and check the Breezehome then the Dragonsreach.

I’ve done all kinds of things, but she is still nowhere to be found...
This might be bad. First, try hiring another follower. If you cannot recruit one because you still have a follower, that means Lydia is still in the wild, could be stuck, told to wait, or fighting a monster. Backtrack as quick as you can before she is lost forever. But, if you can recruit another follower and you have checked Breezehome and Dragonsreach, try to backtrack again. Your precious Lydia could be lying in the ground, dead as meat.

If you are able to find your Lydia, congratulations to you! If Lydia is lost forever or she has met her maker, I am sorry for you. If you happen to find the corpse, it won’t hurt giving Lydia a proper burial. Beware if you hear “I am swooooooorn to carry your burdens” in the middle of the night.