Walkthrough: Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim

I’m back again after yesterday’s sickening Under Saarthal quest puzzles, here comes another walkthrough for Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest. You can activate the quest after completing the main quest “A Blade in the Dark” that pits you in a silly fight (let the mighty giants do the job) with Alduin’s pawn, Sahloknir. What most people are confused about in this quest is where to take your equipment back after smuggling it in the embassy. Chronogical explanation is better, nuff said.

Speaking to Delphine in Riverwood will activate the Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest. After knowing that dragons are resurrecting dragons, Delphine is worried. Delphine thinks that the Thalmor have something to do with this recent dragon issues throughout the land of Skyrim. It is no surprise since the Thalmor are racists and fascists. Thalmor is a government organization that focuses on the supremacy of elves and dominating men. Delphine will ask you to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy to steal secret documents by disguising as one of the honorable guest of the party that is held in Thalmor Embassy. She will get you the invitation.

Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim

Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim

The first step of Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest is to meet Delphine’s elf insider named Malborn in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. He will agree to smuggle your equipments and items to the party, but make sure to spare some space in Malborn’s inventory space to store the loot from the quest. Store primary items like armors, weapons, potions, lockpicks, and scrolls to Malborn. You can store the rest of your items in your follower’s inventory. Leave him be, he will sort things out.

The next step of Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest is to meet Delphine at the farm in Solitude. You will be given your party disguise and the party invitation. Note that if you still have items in your inventory, Delphine will take it off you and you can get it back after the quest. Let’s go in the masquerade!

Once inside the Thalmor Embassy, Elenwen the Thalmor Ambassador will talk to you. Suddenly, Malborn will join the conversation and piss the Ambassador off, making her leave the interesting conversation. Now, it is your chance to sneak out of the party. Talk to Malborn when you are ready to pull off your sneak stunt. This is one of the most interesting parts in Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest.

To sneak out of the party unnoticed, you will need a distraction. You can choose one of the options below to make enough distraction for you to leave the hall:
  • If your speech skill is high and you are confident that you can successfully pull off a persuasion, persuade Ondolemar to distract the guests.
  • Eavesdrop Erikur’s epic fail trial of flirting Brelas. Speak to Erikur after his effort went FUBAR and you can offer him help, which is talking to Brelas on his behalf. Brelas will say to you that she loathe that kind of good-for-nothing guests and she will ask you to talk some sense to Erikur instead. Talking to Erikur will make him lose his sanity and cause ruckus in the party. That’s your mark, man.
  • This is the easiest way to make a distraction. Talk to Razelan next to Malborn, he is some drunkard that will ask you for a drink. Grant his wish by getting from a drink from a servant or from Malborn. He will be your slave or the moment, tell him to blow-out the party.
  • But, if you have completed the Jarl of Morthal’s quests, you can ask her to provide you distraction with no extra charge.

After doing either one of those, follow Malborn to the door behind the bar. You will go through the kitchen enter the pantry. Check the chest on the left to take your smuggled items. After this, you can choose to combat the guards or doing the quest stealthily. Just prepare for the worst because it is quite hard if you are surrounded in Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest.

Follow the arrow and kill all the guards you came across on your way. In the offices where the objective arrow is pointed at, you will find several guards and display cases. Slay them all and pick the lock of the display cases if you want extra fortunes. Don’t forget to take the quest item and the Stone of Barenziah in the bedroom upstairs beside a candle on a wardrobe. After that, you will be pointed to go to the dungeon. There will be guards torturing a guy in the dungeon. Be careful with the mace-wielding guard, he is one of the strongest enemies in Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest. Save him to get information regarding Esbern, the master of dragonlore. Otherwise, you can find the information stored in the chest next to him.

A few moments later, Thalmor guards will arrive at the dungeon, bringing Malborn with them. His cover is blown off for good. Rescuing him will enable you extra side quest, leaving him to rot and die won’t give you any disadvantage either. So, don’t worry about him. Loot the corpses of the guard to get the key out of the dungeon.

This is the last phase of the Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest. After unlocking the trapdoor, prepare to battle a Frost Troll. If you brought a follower before entering the party, your follower will be ready there fighting the Frost Troll. It is quite hard, spam the troll with fire-based attacks. If you think that the Frost Troll is too strong for its own good, leave it be and don’t forget to loot the Necromancer’s corpse and take the skillbook near the Frost Troll when your follower is fighting the Frost Troll with all his/her might. When you are done looting the Frost Troll and examining the cave for items, exit the cave. Outside, you can see people that you saved during the infiltration. Then, go to Riverwood to talk to Delphine and take your items back.

That’s it. No more worries about the Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest, all problems solved! What you need is patience. The quest phase after leaving the kitchen is the hardest. If you forgot to bring a weapon, go to the door leading outside and fast travel to any city to buy supplies or take some from your storage in your houses (if you have one). However, if you got any questions regarding the Diplomatic Immunity Skyrim quest, leave it below and I will response as soon as I can.

Hey, you can also watch the walkthrough below. Thanks to EngagedGames who has uploaded this great videos! Check this out guys:

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