Skyrim Under Saarthal Walkthrough

Skyrim Under Saarthal quest is giving people pain in the ass since there are a lot of people seeking help in the internet to complete this quest. I know that this Skyrim Under Saarthal really gives you confusion on how to work the puzzles on, especially the second one. I will explain it from the start, so, read on.

Skyrim Under Saarthal quest can be activated by talking to Tolfdir of Winterhold College just outside Saarthal. You have to complete the first quest of Winterholf College, the one that requires you to shoot Firebolt at Winterhold College crest on the entrance of Winterhold college. You are now officially a Winterhold College pupil. You are now asked to join an academic exploration into the ruins. Before entering the ruins, you can see what’s Tolfdir selling, just in case if there is something that meets your interest. Nevertheless, when you are ready to fight Draugrs and a crappy magician, get inside the ruins with Tolfdir and the club.

Skyrim Under Saarthal

Skyrim Under Saarthal

The first errand that Tolfdir will assign you to do in Skyrim Under Saarthal is meeting Arniel Gane in the ruins. Arniel Gane will ask you to help her find 4 “enhanced objects” in the ruin. It is easy, just follow the objectives arrow to find them. You will meet ghosts and things after getting your hand on the magical artifacts. Just follow the instructions until you find the first puzzle. The puzzle is 6-pillar puzzle with the three usual pictures of a snake, bird, and whale engraved to it. The first one is very simple as a piece of cake. Just match the pillar with the picture on the wall behind its pillar. If you are still confused or too lazy to look, do exactly what I say.
  • In the backmost room facing the gate and lever, rotate the left pillar to the bird picture and the right one to whale.
  • Then, rotate the right pillar to bird and the left pillar to snake in the middle room, still facing the gate and lever.
  • Finally, in the last room, which is the switch room, rotate the right pillar to bird and the left one to whale. Pull the switch and voila!

Get ready for another brawlwith the dead.

When you have done some this and that, you will encounter the 2nd and the last puzzle in the quest, surely the most irritating. When you rotate a pillar, other pillars rotate too, so you cannot rotate a pillar without effecting other pillars. The key is to match the animal picture (snake, bird, whale, again.) of the pillar that affects the most pillars and work your way down. Too hard to you? No worries, I have prepared the guide for dummies. This is the foolproof way, do it in order and don’t skip.
  • Turn the south-eastern pillar to fish
  • Then, the north-eastern pillar to snake
  • Continue by rotating the south-western pillar to bird
  • Finally, rotate the north-western one to fish.

Done, no headaches, no confusion, no frustration, no rage quits, minimal effort, everyone’s happy. After that, just continue the quest like always, doing this and that, fighting bad guys, bla bla bla. Before you know it, you will receive the Staff of Magelight from Tolfdir and completed the Skyrim Under Saarthal quest!

See? The Skyrim Under Saarthal puzzles are not really hard, right? So, stay tuned to Just for Gamer for other guides!