PS3 Avenger Controller – Discounts to Pre-Orders

I guess some of you have known this PS3 Avenger controller thingy, but some of you don’t even know the slightest thing about the PS3 Avenger controller. Maybe you think it is a limited edition “The Avenger” themed PS3 controller, but it is not. This controller modification is the best I think, and it will drastically improve your gaming skill because you will not have to remove your thumbs from the analog stick ever! Get ready for extreme noob-punishing and pawnages!

The PS3 Avenger controller will give you advantages over others that don’t equip one. The key feature is making the other 8 fingers work while your thumbs are ready and steady on the analog sticks. It features a stabiliser stand to stabilize the controller so that it won’t slip, hair-trigger capabilities meaning that the accuracy of the trigger is extremely high. You can also customize the levers, tension-straps, and sensitivity. I saw the Xbox 360 Avenger attachment review on YouTube and it was awesome. The guy was playing a Call of Duty game using the Avenger attachment. The guy does not need to move his thumbs to hit the X button to reload, or to crouch, going prone, or changing weapons. He just needs to pull the lever connected to the button slightly and it will react. Shooting and zooming are easily-performed just by giving tension to the tension straps on the backside of the controller. I think it really improves our FPS game multiplayer shootouts performance.

It is not only designed to make us excel in games, but also to help people with physical disabilities. This attachment will increase your reaction time, your aiming, your speed, and your awareness. This controller attachment will make your controller look like it is wearing an armor or exo-skeleton, giving you a spider-like controller or maybe controller-with-tentacles appearances. And sometimes I think like the PS3 Avenger controller is a mini Decepticon, ready to transform and destroy the world when we are asleep. If you don’t believe me, see the pictures.

PS3 Avenger Controller

PS3 Avenger Controller

Actually, the Avenger mod is originally made for Xbox 360 controllers. It was released early last year for $39.99. Seeing its success, gamers are demanding for the PS3 version. So, in August 2011, N-Control decided to open PS3 Avenger controller pre-orders that cost $48.99 and only limited to 5000 units worldwide. N-Control promised that the attachment will be released on the 8th of November 2011 and will be directly shipped to the customers. In fact, it did not. Customers were left in confusion with no exact confirmation. And recently, N-Control gave an explanation about it including dismissing Christoforo, third party marketing contractor of N-Control and his marketing project. The founder that is also the inventor, Dave Kotkin apologized to the customers in a press release along with a new release date, which is on January 15th 2012 along with $10 discount for pre-orders as an apologetic gift.

Don’t worry if you have pre-ordered the PS3 Avenger controller because you will get your hands on it just a few days more and will start pawning noobs with it. If in any way I can get my hands on those, I will write a review for it. Buckle up, guys!


sb said...

Once again PS3 owner got the short end of the stick! The Avenger controller is nothing like the xbox one to start off the ability to use the R1 and L1 does not work since they designed it as the same as a xbox controller meaning the lower levers with the rubber bands for qick fire ues R2 and L2. So the people over at N-Control are so on top of this they forgot that PS3 uses a different trigger location than xbox! So the whole point of the attachment has been lost because they tried to rush something to market, I fact when I open the for mine the set-up is for a xbox then they just added a note about the dumb ass marketing guy Sean Buckley and how they have cut all ties with the dip shit! Then they tell you that you must watch 2 YouTube videos on the PS3 controller but those have been removed! What a joke, stay away for this company! But I do have a PS3 Avenger Controller for sale makes a great conversation pice!