MapleStory Familiar Hack Patchable?

Today we are going to discuss the MapleStory familiar hack. It is considered a hot topic now since it is still holiday and the game got a cheesy “hack” when Nexon staff are out of the office, having fun in their day off. This familiar hack happens just in the right time. Before I forget again, let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! I wish we achieve what we want to achieve this year and may all our wishes come true. God bless us. I know it is very late, but better late than never, huh? Never mind then, off to the point.

Familiar is a monster that can accompany and help us in the game. It is more like a pet. The pet-like familiar system was introduced in Rise of Fellowship update that was released in July 2011. You get familiars from cards, you can activate the card, allowing you to use the familiar in the card’s description. After activating it, you are prompted to register it in your Crusader Codex by naming it. Be careful when choosing the name because when you have clicked the “OK” button, nothing can be undone.

When still in the card form, the familiar can be traded and sold, but if the familiar is already activated in the Crusader Codex, it is yours and cannot be traded. You also cannot have a familiar forever. They have the lifespan of 30 days from the day you unleash them from the card. Familiars have their own status, skills, and vitality. However, the vitality does not decrease from enemy attacks, but from the familiar own attacks. Every time the familiar attacks, the vitality drops.

MapleStory Familiar Hack

MapleStory Familiar Hack

So, this MapleStory familiar hack thingy is a new thing. This hack and tweaks allow your familiar to single-hit kill every monster in the map. Yeah, that sounds very bad ass. Using the hack, you can level up like a hundred levels in just 2 hours. No wonder because killing skelegons in the whole map over and over for 2 hours will bring you huge experiences. I don’t know why, but most of the hackers and exploiters are Mercedes. Do you want to know how to do it? Google it man, you will find it, but not here.

About hacking things, I’m not against them and I’m not supporting them either, more like the “grey”. I don’t really care what they do as long as they are not disturbing me and my buddies. Actually, the MapleStory familiar hack effects the gaming community of MapleStory. At first, there was just a few hackers and they are not disturbing the community. Then, groups and groups of people keep coming, but they are still tolerable. But, when the kids, retards, trolls, and other vile filthy creatures use this hack, you can imagine the wreck they make. Now, honest players are so pissed off. When the responsible hackers just hunt higher level monsters that people rarely hunt, they don’t mind. Now, retards are filling all maps with MapleStory familiar hack, giving no chance for law-abiding players to hunt and grind. Most of the players are now supporting the hack and rather party with familiar hackers than with honest pitiful players. Up until now, Nexon has not released any patch or confirmation yet regarding this MapleStory familiar hack. Who knows whether it will be fixed or not?

I personally think that the hack or exploit is fixable, now we just leave the rest to Nexon. On the other hand, Nexon is like too lazy to release bugs or glitches or exploits fixes (no offense intended). The most rational way to prevent this hack to wreak the community any longer is to remove the familiar system because it doesn’t give significant advantages other than for the gateway to exploits. Anyhow, for now I think we should trust it to Nexon first. I hope that the MapleStory familiar hack will be resolved soon and maybe massive banwave will be awesome.