Mercedes Build MapleStory: 4th Job and Beyond

Just a few days ago, I posted a guide on Mercedes build MapleStory from beginner to the third job advancement, which is only to level 120. Now, I want to tell you the best Mercedes build MapleStory for the 4th job advancement. You can advance to the 4th job when you reach level 120 and currently, the limit is to level 200. In the 4th job advancement, you will get brand new skills and also mastery skill.

There are 10 skills for the 4th job advancement. It consists of active skills and passive skills. To have a good Mercedes build MapleStory, Ancient Spirit is an essential skill to level up first since it gives you 1500 health points, attack up, and agility up. You have to max Ancient Spirit first to make your time easier. After that, level up Rolling Moonsault and Ishtar’s Ring to give additional damage to your Final Attack and making boss fights faster and more effective. The next step depends on you. If you want to grind experiences, I suggest you to further level up Rolling Moonsault. But, if you choose to fight badass bosses, Defense Break would be better since it gives you chance to inflict damage that ignores the enemy’s defense including bosses. The next step is to level up the passive skills. It is up to you which skill is going to be maxed first. Nevertheless, here is the skill point distribution guide on the Mercedes build MapleStory:

Skill Point Distribution - Mercedes Build MapleStory

Mercedes Build MapleStory

Level 120: Legendary Spear + 1 [1], Rolling Moonsault + 1 [1], Ishtar's Ring + 1[1]
Level 121-130: Ancient Spirit + 3 [30 MAX]
Level 131: Lightning Edge + 1 [1], Rolling Moonsault + 2 [3]
Level 132-136: Rolling Moonsault + 3 [18]
Level 137: Rolling Moonsault + 2 [20 MAX], Defense Break + 1 [1]
Level 138-143: Defense Break + 3 [19]
Level 144: Defense Break + 1 [20 MAX], Dual Bowgun Expert + 2 [2]
Level 145-153: Dual Bowgun Expert + 3 [29]
Level 154: Dual Bowgun Expert + 1 [30 MAX], Ishtar's Ring + 2 [3]
Level 155-163: Ishtar's Ring + 3 [30 MAX]
Level 164-173: Advanced Final Attack + 3 [30 MAX]
Level 174-179: Legendary Spear + 3 [19]
Level 180: Legendary Spear + 1 [20 MAX] , Lightning Edge + 2 [3]
Level 181-189: Lightning Edge + 3 [30 MAX]
Level 190: Hero's Will + 3 [3]
Level 191: Hero's Will + 2 [5 MAX], Maple Warrior + 1 [1]
Level 192-200: Maple Warrior + 3 [27]

More or less, the Mercedes build MapleStory is like that. You can grind for experiences in Gig Vikings and Monster Park when you have reached level 120. Raid Zakum Arms when you have hit level 130 until you are at level 140-ish. For the later leveling place, just find monsters at your level. If you want to add something or correct something about Mercedes build MapleStory, feel free to post a comment or two.