How to: Steam Trade

Steam trade is a feature from Steam that was first released as a beta on 9th of August 2011. It allows us to trade in-game items, games, coupons, steam gifts, and coals for The Great Gift Pile event. Currently, Team Fortress. Portal 2, and Spiral Knight’s items are compatible to Steam trade, more games coming soon as Steam is still negotiating with developers.

The Steam trade is a revolutionary system. This system of Steam is really useful to gamers that want to exchange games and it is a very good feature to accompany events like The Great Gift Pile and Steam Holiday Sale. Though, there are requirements to trade.

To Steam trade, obviously, you got to have a Steam account. The Steam account has to be able to add friends first. You can add friends to your friends list if you already have at least 1 retail game in your library. You can either buy it yourself or someone gave it to you as a present. Games have to be at a certain condition to be traded. The games you want to trade has to be still at a gift condition, meaning, you have not opened it yet nor have added to your library. You have to buy games as a gift if you want to trade it, so, you cannot exchange your used games in your games library.

We are not limited to only exchange games with games, or gifts with gifts in Steam trade. You can also trade in-game items with games, coals with gifts, or coupons with a combination of coals and in-game items. Basically, all items in your Steam inventory can be traded. So, how to Steam trade? Let’s see the steps just below:

How to Steam Trade?

Steam Trade

  • First thing first, choose your one of your friends that you want to Steam trade with.
  • Right click the username of your friend in your friends list or click the small arrow beside his username and choose invite to trade. Now wait for your friend to accept your trading invitation.
  • If he has accepted invitation, start trading your items by dragging your selected items from your inventory to the trade window. To see the description of the items, hover your cursor over the item. If you have done choosing your items to be traded, click “Ready to Trade”. Just wait for your friend to finish choosing his items and wait for him to click “Ready to Trade”.
  • This is the final step. If you have read the details of the items to be traded, and you are sure that you want to trade it, click “Make Trade”. Just to warn you, if you have clicked the “Make Trade” button, the trade cannot be cancelled. But of course, if your friend is kind enough to re-trade the items it is possible to get your items back.

Now that you have known how to trade your items and gifts and coupons with the Steam Trade feature, why don’t you start trading with your friends? There is also an objective of The Great Gift Pile event that requires you to trade at least an item with your friend. Happy trading, guys! Steam trade is just inhumanly genius feature!