Steam Gift for Your Beloved Persons!

The Steam gift feature allows you to send gifts to your friends. Be it birthday gifts for your brother, anniversary gift for your boyfriend, a congratulation present for your mate’s job promotion, or maybe sending gift to a random guy in Christmas like Mr. Santa to increase your karma level. Steam gift was implemented around 4 or 5 years ago. It is very useful and helpful for anyone.

Steam gift makes your effort to send games as a present easier. No need to wrap it, no need to go to game stores, no need for you to package it yourself. Steam has wrapped your game gift in an attractive gift card with a modifiable message. The feature is also allows Steam members that don’t have a credit card nor a PayPal account to buy games. Just give the money to your friend that has a credit card and let him buy it for you, then send the game to you. To send a gift, you got to buy the game at Steam. But, you have to purchase the game as gift. If you have already purchased the game and it is added to your library and not in your Steam account’s inventory, it means that the game is impossible to gift. Actually, you can gift not only a single game, but you can gift an unlimited total of games per friend per transaction. You can gift to either a Steam friend or a friend without a Steam account. You can send a card via e-mail to notify your friend that he has received a gift and how to redeem it. Steam gift is as easy as scratching your back.

Now, if you don’t know how to do it, I will explain it to you step-by-step.

Steam Gift

Steam Gift

  • First, choose the game you want to gift. When you are checking out, choose “Purchase as gift”
  • If your transaction is successful, now you can choose to send the game to a steam friend or via e-mail. You can also keep it in your inventory to send or exchange later.
  • You can modify the message in the gift card. Just type in the message box and send it.
  • If you want to know if your friend has received it or not, You can use the Steam gift track system. The status on your gift will be changed to “Redeemed” from “Sent” if your friend has received the Steam gift and accepted it.

Though, your friend can also decline it. Upon declining, the gift will be sent back to you. You already acknowledged the way to send Steam gifts, how about receiving it? Receiving Steam gifts is not as complicated as it sounds. When there is a gift in your account, there will be a notification. When you open the notification, there will be a gift card with a message in it. Then, you can choose to accept it or decline it. You can redeem the game to your games library as soon as you accept it or you can opt to keep it to your inventory so that you can gift it to another person or trade it.

I believe that Steam gift feature is amazing. Who will you gift this month?