Get Profit from MapleStory Rose Clipping

MapleStory rose clipping is an item in MapleStory. In the description it is written that the rose clipping is simply “A bit of fragrant rose” The description is just too vague to describe this wonderful item. Lots of players drop this MapleStory rose clipping because they don’t know what the item is for, thanks to the ambiguous item description. MapleStory rose clipping eats spaces in your inventory since it is not stacked to each other. But, it can produce millions if you use it right. What is this rose for?

MapleStory Rose Clipping

MapleStory Rose Clipping

The MapleStory rose clipping is required to complete a quest called Excessively Charming. The quest can be activated once your charming level is at 30. Talk to Big Headward to get the quest. He asks you to get one rose clipping. He will reward you with a rose and a pocket slot. The pocket slot is used to equip charm item at level 30, especially to your Mercedes. The quest simply requires you to look for the rose clipping in the herb mine, but actually, it is not that easy. MapleStory rose clipping is very rare and hard to get just by simply herb-mining. Because of its rareness, people are so confused where to get it. Once, I saw a player sells a rose clipping for 15 millions and the desperate players that were searching for it simply buy them in desperation. And in other time, I saw a guy dropped the rose clippings without hesitating. Actually, you can also take advantage of it and sell it for crazy profit. People that buy the rose clipping for millions are all lazy players or money hoarders. No offense intended.

In fact, the rose clippings can be found in herb mines, but the possibility to find the item is just so small. Very small that you cannot find it in days or you can even find it the first time you mine a herb. The possibility is just so random. Actually, the rose clipping can only be found from herb-mining, no NPC sells this item (I mistook it for another item, my bad). To raise the possibility to find this item, you can upgrade and level up your herbalism skill. To upgrade herbalism, you have to mine or craft a certain amount of time and when it is time to level up, go back to Ardentmill and pay a “small” amount of fee to the herbalism NPC.

Mine herbs outside towns, mine purple herbs because rose clipping is categorized as a purple herb. After harvesting a specific herb, it will disappear for a short amount of time and respawns. Remember that you have fatigue points, every time you harvest a herb, the fatigue point increases by one. If the point hits 200, your character won’t be able to harvest herbs. To recover it, you have to wait or use potions. Alternatively, you can mine using your other characters while waiting for the fatigue points to drop. Maybe, you can also make a character exclusively for herb-picking and collecting rose clippings. Use thief or any class with high luck and dexterity. That’s it guys, thanks for reading MapleStory rose clipping article.

Edit: Thanks to RDRago for the correction


RDrago said...

This is completely false. You are thinking of the item Rose. There are two items with the same picture: Rose, and Rose Clipping. Rose is bought from the merchant in Henesys for literally nothing. The item Rose Clipping is found by harvesting herbs. Rose Clipping is the item that is worth tens of millions because it is used in the quest to open the pocket slot (once level 30 charm is obtained).

Gadget And Techno in here !!! said...

Thanks for your information RDrago. I'll edit this post :)