How to: Unlimited MW3 Prestige Token Glitch

Prestige token glitch is an epic and easy glitch. First, I still wonder, why there are always a crucial glitch in the game each year? It seems that the developer never addresses a fix for the glitch, only bans. Last time I played Modern Warfare 2, I saw a lot of people do the prestige level glitch thing. Then, I think that maybe while the developer is working at the glitch fix, they are giving bans to players that violate the rules. But, since the latest installment of Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 3 still has this prestige token glitch, maybe the developer does want this feature in the game with some risk. That’s what makes me interested in the prestige token glitch and here I am telling you the rightful way to do it. Remember that high reward always comes with high risk.

Prestige Token Glitch Risks

Prestige Token Glitch Risks

Now, I want to explain the risks first. You will get 90 percent chance of getting temporarily banned and your stats reset. But, we don’t know how long “temporary” is. I read somewhere in the net that a guy got a 5000 days temporary ban. He can’t play Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer until Modern Warfare 7 is released. He must have done something really bad to get that nasty “temporary” ban. If you are doing this glitch now and you still pawn in a search and destroy match, it means that you are lucky. The ban monster will come sooner or later and will reset all your multiplayer progress. If you have been banned, don’t cry because it is what you deserve. You have been warned.

Now that I have warned you about the risks, it is time to tell you the step-by-step prestige token glitch guide. This glitch works in all platforms, be it PS3, PC, or Xbox 360. You need 1 prestige token (no more no less) and a good friend to help you complete your evil intention.

Step 1 - Ask your friend to invite you to his party.

Step 2 - Choose barracks > prestige shop > unlock gear and go to perks. Unlock whichever you want, but DO NOT choose yes or no.

Step 3 - Ask your friend to search for a game. Now the prestige token glitch starts. You cannot move and choose yes or no in the dialog box.

Step 4 - When you are already in a pre-game lobby, ask your friend to quit the game and you will be kicked back to the party menu with the dialog box still up.

Step 5 - Even though the dialog box is still up, you can navigate the party menu, go to barracks > prestige shop > double xp. Now choose yes on the dialog box, and yes again in the glitched dialog box.

Step 6 - Look at your prestige token. It is at a negative value. Now you have unlimited prestige token and you can unlock everything you want. Actually, the glitch is activated by getting the value to negative. Every time you unlock a perk or buy anything at the prestige shop, your token will keep going down.

My friend has even got his prestige token to negative thousand. He was having fun with it and yet to be banned. Lady luck loves him very much. Still want to do the prestige token glitch?


Brandon0159 said...

You Wont get banned as long as you dont purchase double xp unlock all gear and custom classes but not double xp.

hiracheta5 said...

I don't understand what u mean when you say I won't get banned? Can u clarify what u have to do NOT to get banned??

klepik said...

I didn't get banned and I did it for ps3 , I even have 110 days of double xp and 90 days of double weapon xp and all the items and everything unlocked , I don't see why I didn't get banned , and I abused the crap out of the token glitch.