MapleStory Mercedes Skills List

Just a few moments ago, I wrote an article about Mercedes build that involves skills and skill points distribution. This time, instead of writing you a guide, I choose to tell you the list of Mercedes skills and the short description of it per job level. I will first write the quick description, then my own description of the skills. Here we go now:

MapleStory Mercedes Skills List

MapleStory Mercedes Skills List


Mercedes skills #1 King’s Qualifications
The King of Elves is born with heightened agility and attacking speed.

I think, the word “King” is not suitable since Mercedes could be a girl too. Nevertheless, the skill increases your speed by 10, jump by 20, and attacking speed by 1. It gives you level 30 Charm too.

Mercedes skills #2.1 Stylish Move
Quickly move up a ladder or rope.

It increases your climbing speed. Kind of handy sometimes.

Mercedes skills #3 Elf’s Recovery
Using the power of nature and its purified energy, recover your HP and MP continually.

Now, this is a great skill. It will save your money a lot since your Mercedes can regenerate HP and you won’t need to use potions after a battle or you can play a hit and run style of play. The skill recovers 5 percent of your HP and MP per 4 seconds.

Mercedes skills #4 Elf’s Blessing
With the blessing of the ancient elves, you can return to Eurel and also permanently gain 10 percent experience.

This skill is a link skill. It means that you can link this skill to your another characters in your account. You can teleport to Eurel once per 1800 seconds (half an hour) and get extra 10 percent of experience from monsters forever and ever.

First job

Mercedes skills #5 Potential Power
Permanently activates your inner force. Increases speed, max speed, and give a chance to dodge enemy attacks.

This skill is really important to Mercedes. When you reach level 15 of this skill, which is its maximum level, the skill will increase your max speed to 165 percent, speed by 30, and also 20 percent possibility to dodge enemy attacks.

Mercedes skills #6 Sharp Aiming
Permanently increase critical chance.

This passive skill increases your critical chance to 40 percent at level 20 (maximum level)

Mercedes skills #7 Speed Dualshot
Shoot two arrows that hit many enemies.

This skill is the first area skill of Mercedes. It is capable of inflicting 115 percent damage to three enemies at level 20.

Mercedes skills #2.2 Acrobatic Jump
Once in air, you can jump again.

This acrobatic skill is the upgrade of Stylish Move skill in the beginner job Mercedes skills list. Instead of faster climbing speed, you will get higher jump every level. Commonly called double jump.

Second job

Mercedes skills #8 Charge Drive
Rush then hit many enemies into the air. Extra damage is applied to monsters that are in the air.
This skill is monster to fight flying enemies. The skill inflicts 130 percent damage and 210 percent damage in the air, aerial monsters get 30 percent extra damage at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #9 Cross Piercing
The force of nature is infused into a sharp arrow. Can go through many enemies.

This pierces through. At maximum level, the arrow can pierce 6 enemies and deal quadruple 83 percent damage.

Mercedes skills #10 Physical Training
Permanently increases dex and str.

Hence, the name, it is a passive skill. At maximum level, dexterity and strength are both increased by 30.

Mercedes skills #11.1 Dual Bowgun Mastery
Increases the mastery of the dual bowgun and accuracy.

This skill is essential to level up. It gives 120 accuracy and 50 percent mastery over dual bowguns at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #12.1 Final Attack: Dual Bowgun
After attacking, there is a chance of doing an extra hit.

You will need level 3 of Dual Bowgun Mastery first to use this skill. The skill will give you 40 percent chance to double-hit a monster and do 75% more damage at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #13.1 Final Shot
Can only be used after Charge Drive. Shoot many arrows that hit enemies in the air.

Of course you will need Charge Drive first. At level 5, the skill will allow you to deal quadruple 90% damage to 8 enemies.

Mercedes skills #14 Dual Bowgun Booster
Consumes MP to raise the attacking speed for a short time.

You will need your Dual Bowgun Mastery at level 5 to use this buff. At the maximum level, it lasts 200 seconds (around 3 minutes) and increases attacking speed by 2.

Mercedes skills #15 Spirit Infusion
For a certain period of time, increase your damage and critical chance.

It lasts 3 minutes and increases critical chance also damage by 15 percent at maximum level.

Third job

Mercedes skills #13.2 Highkick Demolition
Can only be used after Charge Drive. Fly towards your enemies in the air and hit them extremely fast.

Before using this skill, you need your Final Shot skill at level 5. This is like the expansion of Final Shot. It can hit 8 enemies 6 times for 120 percent damage and increase the damage of Charge Drive by 30 percent at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #16 Elemental Knight
Summons spirit knights to aid you in battle. They will fight monsters that you are attacking.

The cooldown is a bit long which is 2 minutes. At level 20, you can summon a knight for 160 seconds. While the ice knight inflicts 550 percent damage and has 90 percent possibility to freeze enemies for 5 seconds, the fire knight can inflict DoT type damage of 110 percent damage for five seconds each second and also has 550 percent damage. The dark night does not have any special effect, but he is stronger. The dark knight inflicts 625 percent damage.

Mercedes skills #17.1 Ignis Lore
Using the power of the spirit of fire, increase your damage and chance to avoid enemy attacks for a certain period of time.

Ignis Lore lasts 180 seconds and increases your attack by 40. It also gives you 20 percent chance to avoid attacks. Of course at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #18 Water Shield
Use the strength of the spirit of water to create a shield that absorbs some damage and gives you resistance to states and elements for a certain period of time.

At level 20, Water Shield lasts 3 minutes, gives you 25 percent resistance, and absorbs 30 percent damage.

Mercedes skills #19 Gust Dive
Use the power of the wind to dive through the air into enemies to damage.

Gust Dive at maximum level is capable of doing 195 percent damage to 6 enemies by hitting the enemies 3 times.

Mercedes skills #20 Unicorn Spike
Summon the sacred unicorns to attack enemies in front of you.

This skill can debuff target and critical hit is absolute. The cooldown time is 10 seconds. This skill inflicts quintuple 150 percent damage, 95 percent possibility to inflict 15 percent more damage for 15 seconds at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #21.1 Strike Dualshot
Shoots many fast arrows at enemies in front of you. Has a chance to stun enemies.

At level 20, it is capable of hitting 4 enemies with 4 arrows, dealing each 126 percent damage and 80 percent chance of 6-second stun.

Mercedes skills #22.1 Leap Tornado
While in the air, start spinning and shoot many arrows at the ground. You must have 120 percent or more jump and be in the air to use this skill.

You can hit 8 enemies and deal quadruple 135 percent damage at level 20.

Fourth job

Mercedes skills #22.2 Legendary Spear
Leap forward while raining down arrows on enemies. Enemies hit by the attack will have their defense lowered. This attack has 100% critical chance. Passively increases the damage of Leap Tornado.

The cooldown time is only 5 seconds. You need Leap Tornado at level 10 to use the Legendary Spear. At maximum level, it deals 572 percent damage twice to 12 enemies plus the enemies get their defense lowered by 20 percent for 15 seconds. It also increases Leap Tornado’s damage by 30 percent.

Mercedes skills #21.2 Ishtar’s Ring
Borrow the power of the legendary weapon Ishtar to continuously fire rapid arrows at a target. Hold down the skill button to keep attacking. Passively increases the damage of Strike Dualshot.

Strike Dualshot at level 20 is needed to use Ishtar’s Ring. At level 30, it hits twice with 110 percent damage. The damage of Strike Dualshot is increased by 25 percent.

Mercedes skills #23 Lightning Edge
Move forward instantaneously and attack many enemies in your path.

It has a cooldown time of 5 seconds. Lightning Edge is capable of doing 435 percent damage thrice to 8 enemies at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #13.3 Rolling Moonsault
Must be used after Charge Drive. Rapidly spin in the air, hitting floating enemies for continuous damage. You can use Acrobatic Jump, Leap Tornado, or Gist Dive after this skill.

This skill is the final version of continued Charge Drive. This is also considered a skill-to-skill link skill. Inflict 190 percent damage 6 times to 8 enemies.

Mercedes skills #24 Hero’s Will
Focuses to break free from a state.

It has a function of removing a state. The cooldown time is 6 minutes at maximum level.

Mercedes skills #25 Maple Warrior
Increase the stats of all party members by a certain percentage.

This buff increases 15 percent of all stats for 15 minutes at level 30.

Mercedes skills #26 Defense Break
Attacks on an enemy have a chance to ignore 100% of their defense. This works on bosses as well.

At level 20, using this skill will grant you 40 percent chance to inflict a damage ignoring the target’s defense. A great boss killer.

Mercedes skills #12.2 Advanced Final Attack
Increases damage and accuracy, and also the chance of activation and damage of Final Attack.
To use this skill, you will need level 20 of Final Attack: Dual Bowgun. At maximum level, increases your attack by 20, and gives you extra 10 percent accuracy. It also increases the chance of Final Attack: Dual Bowgun activation to 70 percent and increase the damage of it to 105 percent.

Mercedes skills #11.2 Dual Bowgun Expert
Increases the mastery of a dual bowgun, attack, and minimum critical damage.
You need your Dual Bowgun Mastery skill at level 20 to use Dual Bowgun Expert. It increases your mastery to 70 percent, adds 30 attack, and increases the minimum damage of critical attacks by 15 percent.

Mercedes skills #17.2 Ancient Spirit
For a certain period of time, receive the blessings of an ancient spirit and increase your damage and HP. Permanently increases the chance to avoid attacks of Ignis Lore.

At level 30, for 4 and a half minutes, increases damage output by 30 percent and adds 1500 HP. It also increases the effect of Ignis Lore to dodge enemy attacks by 20 percent.

That was the list guys. It is really tiring to type that much. Well, your comments will erase my tiredness in instant, so I hope that you leave some comment on this Mercedes skills article by filling the comment textbox below. Every comment is highly-appreciated.