My Review: The Binding of Isaac

Okay guys, this is the first time I make a review of a game and now I’m going to review the Binding of Isaac. This is of course the first “My Review” section in Just for Gamer, but I am looking forward to making more reviews. I know that this is maybe a late review since The Binding of Isaac was released in September 2011 and I am not an expert reviewer. Nevertheless, let’s start.

The Binding of Isaac is an independent game designed by Florian Himsl and Edmund McMillen. It was released on Steam. The Binding of Isaac was also included in the Humble Indie Bundle. The game’s genre is action-role-playing game. The story is similar to a story in Bible that has the same name. The Binding of Isaac is sold for $4.99 on Steam and I picked it up a few days ago during the Steam holiday sale for as cheap as $1.24.

There was once a peaceful and happy family consisting of two, Mom and the son named Isaac. Everyday, Isaac played with his toys and drew pictures while his Mom watched Christian broadcasts. They were happy as-is. But one day, Mom heard God’s voice telling that Isaac is sinful and has to be purified and taken away from the sinister things in the world. Mom locked Isaac in an empty room without connection to the outer world to “purify him”. Another day, Mom heard the voice of God again saying that to prove her faith and love to Him she has to sacrifice Isaac. The poor little Isaac saw and heard that through a crack on the wooden door of his panic room. Isaac tried to escape from the room while his Mom is approaching the room holding a knife to slice and dice her son. Isaac found a trap door leading to the basement under the rag in the room. The poor boy decided to enter the trap door and explore the unknown depths of the basement.

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac gameplay is similar to the classic Legend of Zelda in Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a 2-dimension action RPG. You can play as Isaac, the crying naked boy, or other 5 unlockable characters such as Cain, Eve, Judas, et cetera. Each character has their own unique traits. This game uses the system permadeath, meaning there is no checkpoints. You let Isaac die, you have to restart from the beginning of the game. The Binding of Isaac also involves random monsters and trap-filled dungeons. You can attack the monsters using Isaac’s teardrop projectiles. As you progress in the game, you will find upgrades and items that changes your character’s appearance and skills. There are upgrades that increase your speed, strengthen your projectiles, fasten the rate of fire, and even that gives you wings to fly. The currency in this game is called “pennies” that can be used to buy heart containers, faith, or to open certain doors. There are also keys that are used to open locked doors and bombs that you can use to blow rocks. You can also find treasure chests and random mini-bosses. To advance to the next level of dungeon, you have to fight a boss first. The boss is random, you can even fight a strong boss in the first level.

The Binding of Isaac has received high scores. In average of 83. Its soundtracks that were composed by Danny Baranowsky also got the Best Game Music of 2011 award by Kotaku. The music is kind of dark, has the “churchy” feeling, and it suits the game best.

My review of the game, it is an interesting, small-sized, and cheap independent game. The soundtracks is well fit, the game is fun and obviously not boring. I love the tarot cards and upgrade system. Also, the arcade rooms, shops, and satan’s room. Even though I have only played this game for about 8 hours, I can say that this game is awesome. The music when fighting bosses is very thrilling. This game’s replay value is high because every playthrough, the dungeons will have different shapes, monsters, bosses, and items in it. The downside is the game sometimes has framerate drops when there are a lot of monsters around. I don’t know if it is the game or my laptop, but my laptop is strong enough to play Skyrim in the high graphic settings without framerate drops. And it is also hard to newbies like me, I even haven’t reached the last boss yet since I always die early and I have to restart from the beginning of the game.

The Binding of Isaac Gameplay Trailer

Overall, I think The Binding of Isaac deserves the score 9 out of 10. It is one of the best indie games I have ever played. And for $4.99, it is worth every penny you spent on it. I hereby The Binding of Isaac as a recommended game! Well then, see you in the next My Review sessions!