Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask Locations

The Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask is a high-level head equipment. Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask is found worn by Dragon Priests scattered in the land of Skyrim. The priests are always found beside a Word wall. There are 9 Dragon Priests in a form of living skeleton. Actually, you have to acquire 8 Dragon Masks prior to getting the last one. To take the Skyrim Dragon Priest mask off the wearer, you have to defeat him. Every Skyrim Dragon Priest mask is named after the Dragon Priest that wore them in dragon language.

Every Skyrim Dragon Priest mask has their own unique skill bonuses. The masks have relatively low defense status compared to regular high-class armors, but they have exceptional skill bonuses. The Dragon Priest is a force to be reckoned. They are strong and they all have different attack patterns. Make sure you have high elemental resistance and also a lot of potions to support you through the battle. Low-level characters are not recommended to gun for the Skyrim Dragon Priest mask. Let’s start the masks list:

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask

Krosis means “Sorrow”. This pile of bones is found in Shearpoint, The Pale near a dragon. He is capable of turning your atronachs against you and summoning his own like other Dragon Priests. He can use Wards and fireballs. Make sure to kill the dragon first before awaking Krosis. Be sure to bring a follower and equip him/her with good armors so that your follower won’t die in a second. He can be killed in many ways, you choose your favorite one from this list of methods:
  1. If you snipe good and a real archer, spam him with fire arrows from afar when your follower distract him.
  2. If you sneak well and can do serious critical sneak damage, sneak attack him when he is unaware of your presence.
  3. Use shouts to disable him
  4. Whack the dragon priest with a magicka-damaging weapon because he has no melee attack.
  5. If you want to waste your potions, fight him directly like a man.

The Krosis mask will give you additional 20% bonus to Archery, Alchemy, and Lockpicking.

“Glorious” is the meaning of Morokei. He is found in Labyrinthian, Hjaalmarch. His main magicka is lightning magickas. The tactic is similar to the ones before, but make sure that you have high lightning resistance. You can make him stagger by bashing your shield at his face. Suck his magicka out or sneak attack him with arrows. Your choice, sir.

The Morokei mask will give you 100% extra magicka regeneration. Will really come in handy for magicka players.

Nahkriin is found in Skuldafn during “The World-Eater’s Eyrie” main quest. The word’s meaning is “Vengeance”. This one is missable, make sure to kill him when you had the chance. He is powerful and has all types of destruction magickas.

When Nahkriin rises, he won’t attack you before removing the Dragon Priest staff. For thieves, you can do sneak attack for extra damage and archers can also sneak-fire arrows to his back. Warriors can block his way to the staff and unleash wrath on him before he manages to close the portal by removing the staff. If you are an Orc, using Berserker’s Rage is recommended to quicken the battle. If you want the cheap way, use Unrelenting Force to stun him and attack him. Rinse and repeat. Take note that don’t you ever use the Storm Call shout or area magickas because it will awaken the sleeping dragons and they will certainly kick your ass.

Nahkriin Skyrim Dragon Priest mask gives you +50 Magicka points, and 20% less cost to Destruction spells.

Volsung means “Horror”. You can find him in the end of Volskygge, Haafingar. This guy is surely a horror since he has very strong frost magickas. Don’t attempt to fight this guy without high frost resistance.

Remember to use your follower as a living bait to distract him. You can hide behind the rocks near the word wall to avoid Ice Spikes. Use Unrelenting Force to stun him and deal him a good damage. Like always, of you are a melee fighter, bring a magicka-eating weapon. Every Dragon Priest won’t stand a chance without their magicka.

Volsung mask gives you 20% discount to all prices, breathe underwater, and carry 20 points more.

Hevnoraak can be found in Valthume, The Reach. He is also included in “Evil in Waiting” quest. The name means “Brutal”. So, how brutal is he?

Actually, “Horror” shows scarier brutality than “Brutal” itself. This one is the same with others. The strategy is the same. No atronachs, ok? The mask allows makes you immune to poison and disease.

Rahgot is located in Forelhost, The Rift. He is actually part of “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest. Remember to be well-equipped before engaging in a full-scale action with this particular dude.

You can clear the area from Draugrs if your sneak skill is good. He won’t be alarmed, but his minions will. Put the Draugrs back to sleep and finally fight this piece of beyond-expiry-date cake. If you want to fight the Draugrs later, shoot arrows at him first before entering the room to lure him out. Use the same tactics as before.

This Skyrim Dragon Priest mask increases your stamina by 70 points and it is categorized as a heavy armor.

Otar holds the meaning “Mad”. Find this geezer in Ragnvald, The Reach. Otar will fire a spree of shock magickas.

He is an easy kill if he runs out of magicka point. But, he has a wall of shock around him, making closer approaches less effective. If you want to decapitate him, make sure your shock resistance is close to 100% to avoid the damage from the wall. But, it is easier to just sneak-shoot him with arrows from afar. The cheap way is to trap him in the swinging pendulum trap before the room.

Otar mask gives +30% bonus resistance to fire, shock, and frost.

Vokun lies in the High Gate Ruins, The Pale. Vokun means “Shadow”. He mainly uses fire magickas and can summon flame and storm atronachs.

Beware that he is very powerful. Make sure you have high resistance against fire. If you have frost magic, it will deal a good damage to Vokun. If you don’t, you can fight him normally or heal Anska instead so that he won’t die because he is quite useful. Bringing Brelyna Maryon is a good idea. She will bully Vokun for sure.

Vokun mask reduce the cost of casting magickas to 80%.

This is the last Skyrim Dragon Priest mask, make sure you have got the other eight to access this one. It means “Warlord” in dragon language.

Go back to Labyrinthian and place the eight masks on their own respective pedestals and you will get a wooden mask. Use this mask to travel back in time to acquire Konahrik mask.

The Konahrik mask knock back enemies, heals the wearer and his allies, and enables fire cloak for a short time if the wearer is dying. It can also summons Dragon Priest to help the wearer fights when the wearer is dying in rare occasions.

You can also watch a video that uploaded by Gametastik (thanks bro!) which shows us the Skyrim Dragon Priest mask locations.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask Locations

Skyrim Dragon Priest mask is a really powerful equipment. It is essential to collect it if you want your character to be “beastly”.