Skyrim 1.4 Presents PS3 Lag Fix

Trying not to upset their customers, Bethesda carefully going to release Skyrim 1.4 update any time real soon. The Skyrim 1.4 patch itself is still undergoing tests and things for all platforms to make sure that it won’t disappoint gamers on the release also day. Style-wise, previous Skyrim updates are proven to take care of bugs and glitches well. Not to mention its weaknesses, Skyrim updates also induce brand new glitches and bugs over time that are fixed on the next update. And the signature cycle is happening over and over again. There is no harm in raising your hopes up for Skyrim 1.4 update. Alongside the relentless PS3 lag problem fix, let’s hope for the end of the deadly bug cycle that Bethesda has experienced in most of its game in Skyrim 1.4.

One of the most disturbing bugs ever is the heart-groping framerate drop specially occurring in PS3 version of Skyrim. No doubt that this problem ruins all the fun in the game and spawn Skyrim haters for PS3. The fact that Bethesda never gives up hope is definitely true. Despite mockings and harsh mouthings directed straight to Bethesda, they still can bear the massive critics and tries to fix the game to its best. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a jolly-good thing about Bethesda.

Skyrim 1.4

Skyrim 1.4

So, Skyrim 1.4 does not stop at only fixing PS3’s lag problem. It also traces a lot of quest glitches and fix them for good. Following this great news, another heartwarming news is delivered by Bethesda. Both Skyrim Creation Kit and Steam Workshop for Skyrim, which is favored by possibly all players of Skyrim, have already entered their last stage of testing and will soon emerge to the surface by the end of this January. The Skyrim Creation Kit will give edge to modders and casual players alike, increasing and expanding the community of the game while the Steam Workshop provides support the creativity of modders.

After hours of play time, after dozens of freezes, and after experiencing the darkest hour of Skyrim, finally we can play the outstanding game of the year nominator in peace and harmony because of Skyrim 1.4. By the end of this month, PS3 gamers can enjoy Skyrim in its full performance at last. The upcoming Creation Kit and Steam Workshop will fulfill the needs of innovation in the game. And we don’t have to worry the silly progression-impeding glitch from quests. At least, Bethesda has given their best to upgrade the game by releasing Skyrim 1.4 patch and elevates the game to the next level for the sake of our utter enjoyment.

I must say that Skyrim 1.4 along with Skyrim Creation Kit and Steam Workshop blow me out. For all the commotion and efforts, great job, Bethesda! I owe you a drink full of thanks for making Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series. Well, that is if Bethesda manages to finally fix the broken elements of the game and thus finishing the game at last. Else, I can just simply wait for another patch from Bethesda or the modders using Skyrim Creation Kit. Okay then, Skyrim 1.4, I am waiting!