Resident Evil Retribution Trailer Doubles as Sony’s Ads?

The first teaser trailer release of Resident Evil Retribution carries a little bit awkward feeling with just a few days ago, after months of only word news and pictures, Sony Screen Gems has finally decided to give us a revelation to enlighten the details of the film. Even a bit. Resident Evil Retribution, that is going to be released in September, feature both normal version and 3D version. It is stated that it will give us the best fan service ever compared to other series of the film and that means more characters from the game will appear, including the main characters of the game, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong.

The trailer starts by a random guy holding a Sony cellphone and said, “I am [insert name here], and this is my world.” And the video goes around this kind of thing again just with different people in different countries promoting different Sony gadget products, including the lately-popular PS Vita. After a set of weird promotion forcefully stacked into the teaser trailer for more than twenty seconds, the Earth revolves and Alice is shown in the screen. And she goes telling the crappy thing again with her stepped-up cooled voice, ‘’My name is Alice, and this is my world.” And here comes the good part. Just what to expect from the film, there are bunches of actions including firefight with Umbrella, flying Bio-Organic Weapons, and ordinary action ‘this and those’. I was just surprised with the what-the-hell-is-this-Resident-Evil-Retribution-trailer Sony promotion in the first seconds. Let’s get straight to the film description.

Milla Jovovich is back as Alice, the failed Bio-Organic Weapon that successfully backfired on Umbrella and have stayed to be its most dangerous nemesis for years. Alice and friends are captured by Umbrella again. When Alice wakes up deep in a research facility, she gets curious. She starts walking around the facility on her own and as she explored deeper into the facility, she found tons of mind-crushing hidden truths that force her to filter all her past again in order to fix what she thought to be true and what she thought to be wrong. Wentworth Miller that starred Chris Redfield also Ali Larter that played Claire Redfield will not show up in Resident Evil Retribution due to Umbrella holding them captive.

Resident Evil Retribution

Resident Evil Retribution

There are lots of characters from the Resident Evil franchise. The phenomenal Leon S. Kennedy played by Johann Urb is one of them. Resident Evil Retribution will enhance the bond between the game and the film, giving explanations about things that happen in the film and tying it with events in the game. Jill Valentine does not play the role of the hero here, instead, she is the main villain. Possibly controlled by Umbrella like in Resident Evil 5. Barry Burton, Carlos Oliviera, Rain Ocampo, Albert Wesker, and James “One” Shade is back to rock the film. What a nostalgic reunion!

So, while Resident Evil Retribution is going to be released in September, Resident Evil 6 will follow two months later. There is a slight possibility that Resident Evil Retribution will connect to Resident Evil 6. Let’s hope for the best then!