SSX is Coming to Town

Gamer geek friends and fans of The Art of Flying Race, know that a new episode of SSX arrived in January 2012. In the spirit of the license, the game is not realistic at all, can do things that do not exist in real life, of shoes and the shoes back in the air. of shoes and the shoes back in the air. short, many things really fun too. MMJDSELED mode (Multi Massive Online Player Snowboard Live) appeared as well.

After several years of pause, SSX is back, this should necessarily appeal to all fans of the series from EA Sports. Relying always on arcade gameplay, tricks and crazy races on descents, the game will include slides, this time a new aspect involving the dangers of the mountain. Surviving an avalanche, that's a challenge that should ensure the show in the next installment. Still thrills side, we will also get new equipment.



SSX (2012), previously called SSX Deadly Descents is an impending snowboarding video game of the SSX series of video games from Electronic Arts. First uncovered at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2010, the game's trailer appears to show a more realistic direction to the series than previous one, and will include the use of real setting, rather than the fictional location like the previous games. SSX 2012 will be published in February instead of January 2012 after the postponement. This game will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3.

In SSX, players take the role of a member of a team that wants to go snowboarding in the mountains of the real world, such as the Himalayas and Antarctica. The gameplay will include the avalanche and using wingsuit. On June 3, EA has released the trailer of the gameplay for the first time since the first trailer in 2010 on GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley. In 2011, at E3, Todd Batty confirmed the return of a veteran of SSX, Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser. Mapping and level design for SSX will be very different from previous games in the franchise, with more open gameplay and fewer barriers or invisible walls. EA Canada has used data from NASA geotagging to generate more than 300 mountains about 18 mountain ranges exist in the world. These data were used only as a basis for the level design, and developers have created their own ground, on top of it. Players will be able to use helicopters to travel to various locations on the mountain individual.

For characters in SSX 2012, Elise Riggs, the best veteran SSX ever is the first figure who can be played in SSX 2012 to be uncovered and was found May 27, 2011 from a comic book with a simple gameplay video. Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser, a veteran of SSX, was found June 2, 2011. And June 6 at E3 in 2011 the third veteran Kaori Nishidake SSX was revealed. On June 9, 2011 in Facebook, Moby Jones was revealed as a playable character in this sequel. On June 29, 2011, for a Live Demo IGN Psymon Stark was revealed as a character in SSX 2012. On May 27, 2011, EA Sports has released a cartoon character on the Elise line, which allowed watching more cartoons of the characters returning. They are accessible on the "SSX" social network Facebook.

SSX at IGN Live Demo, one of the developers revealed that they may include Run DMC's song "It's Tricky" in SSX Tricky for "meet the fans." Two songs from The Qemists are included: "Den Na Like Me" and "Lifeline".