SWTOR 1.1 Rains Bugs upon Ilum

As you can see, SWTOR 1.1 update fix was just released on the 19th of January 2012 after delaying the release for a few days because of an “unexpected” problem. All credits go to hardcore players that fully support the game by playing day and night, providing full information on the game’s problems. SWTOR 1.1 is titled “The Rise of Rakghouls,” hence, the title, the Rakghouls are expected to cause havoc in the universe. This patch has squashed some of the annoying bugs including the filthy, problematic breed that the original SWTOR 1.1 spawned.

After about a month, finally, BioWare released the first major game update. The SWTOR 1.1 update adds a new flashpoint called “Kaon Under Siege” and enlarges the Operation “Karagga’s Palace” size massively. BioWare is surely working hard to improve their first MMORPG, proven by the number of fixed bugs. Still, a small mistake in a game update, especially MMORPG, will break the game down and impact much bigger population. Even after various feedbacks from players of SWTOR 1.1, BioWare happened to accidentally gave birth the miserable Open World PvP Planet Ilum glitch.



Since SWTOR 1.1 update release on public test server, the turrets defending the spawn points have not been working properly. Given the massive faction imbalance that people are experiencing in the game these days, vile players that side with the Empire exploits the glitch. In the medcenters, lots of people have been camping, waiting for poor, unfortunate dudes to spawn and give them free instant kills. Other than concerning the bad, bad camping, irresponsible players have been taking advantage of the situation by farming hell a lot of Valor points. In just a few hours, a player can achieve Valor level 20 and beyond easily, minimum effort needed.

This mind-shattering problem surprised BioWare because this happened not as they have intended. The over-the-top, PvP-breaking glitch disappoints many players, thus making them rage-quit the game. To redeem their wrongs, BioWare worked non-stop to immediately release the fix to SWTOR 1.1 update in less than 24 hours. This quick response raise the hope of rage-quiters. Just like what normally MMORPG players will think of regarding massive, game-breaking problem, which is rollback. Not an exp rollback, but Valor rollback since it was the thing that they exploited since the dawn of the SWTOR 1.1 update. Well, BioWare calmly break the hopes of rage-quiters the second time to avoid innocent players to be affected by rollback. Instead, BioWare stated without doubt that they will punish every single living organism that exploits the faction imbalance severely by taking ”necessary” actions. Regarding the actions, I am sure that they mean bans. I once saw a player that glitched credits and BioWare got him out of the game for a week without credits rollback. Rage-quiters become rage-quitters and angrily abandon the game until BioWare issues rollbacks for cheating players.

 Problems will always rise especially in MMORPG with Open World PvP, ‘nuff said. Even though SWTOR 1.1 carries grief and rage to people, causing massive rage-quits, people just keep coming for it. Let me guess, someone stole their sweetroll?