Skoll - The Legendary Winter Wolf

Skoll (pronounced Skull) is a mythological beast of the Fremennik people. Skoll first pointed during the 2011 winter event and first seen in the 2012 winter event. According to Fremennik beliefs, Skoll is a wolf who has goal to eat the sun and he is the brother of Hati, a wolf who has the goal to eat the moon. If both succeed in their tasks, the world will reach its ending.

Vitharr wishes to conjure Skoll, when Skoll is at his strongest, in order to defeat Skoll and rid the Fremmennik people of the threat of the two wolf brothers (Hati and Skoll) during the winter event. By doing that, she hopes to show the brothers that the Fremmennik cannot be surrounded at any time of year, thus preventing the brothers from attacking the citizens. To conjure Skoll, Vitharr advises the player to build a bonfire as intense as the sun, so that Skoll is drawn to the realm to investigate.



Those who take part in the fight against Skoll, the attacker either directly or through participation in the construction of the bonfire will acquire Skoll Boots, a pair of boots that will provide a double bonus Woodcutting XP and / or Agility. The cumulative total gain of XP will be based on their current levels. These bonus XP can be attributed to several skills in various proportions. Just wear gloves or boots when you decide to improve competence in benefiting from the bonus XP. Only the strongest adventurers can fight Hati and Skoll without bringing friends and without a team with other players, as both wolves are enemies which have a great power. Be prepared to lose his life in this epic battle!

To conjure Skoll, players must add logs to the nearby bonfire. A total of 120 logs are needed to conjure him, and it appears that all logs used in Firemaking could be used. The bonfire is located just outside of the fremennick fence, far west next to the Fenris wolves. When Skoll is summoned four rocks will fall in the area around him. Fires will simmer between the rocks, forming a square around him. Anyone inside this area when the fires are lit will be trapped. After a few seconds, some meteors will explode, causing a large amount of unblock-able damage at least 500-700 to anyone inside. Players outside the fires won’t be able to attack with melee until the fires disappear, but can’t be damaged by them. It appears that the attack could be deterred by clicking out of the area instantly when the meteors fall down but just before the flame barriers appear. When the barriers are up, there is no escape. It is still possible to use range or magic from outside of the barriers.

To face Hati and Skoll, talk first with the Fremennik citizen who is at the gates of Rellekka. You can teleport to Rellekka, free talking on the hunter wolves in Barbarian Village (Gunnarsgrunn), but be careful, he might get angry if you abuse her kindness! For details on the construction of the bonfire that will attract Skoll to Gielinor, talk to Vitharr, located on the coast in a place just down the doors to the west of Rellekka. All players can fight Skoll and Hati, but since they are monsters level 654 and level 672, it will be wise to team up with other players to successfully overcome them. You will have an axe to retrieve the logs needed to invoke Skoll, but Vitharr will provide you with a basic.