Resident Evil 6 on 11.20.2012, Leon and Chris is Back!

It was just yesterday that Capcom released the official teaser trailer of Resident Evil 6 on Youtube. Resident Evil 6 is the latest installment of the Resident Evil series after years of spin-off games such as Revelations, Darkside Chronicle, or Operation Raccoon City. According to Capcom, the event takes place around a decade after the infamous Raccoon City outbreak. The teaser trailer that lasts for three minutes apparently reveals a thing and two about the game. Full detail coming-on!

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

At the early seconds of the trailer, there is Leon S. Kennedy aiming his gun doubtfully at Mr. President that is turning zombie. Leon instructs Mr. President to stay away from him. But since he is a great patriot, he cannot pull the trigger, instead, Helena Harper do the job for him before Mr. President can go berserk. Helena Harper is a new protagonist in Resident Evil 6, she is Leon’s partner. She said something about the outbreak being her responsibility and judging from both her statement and appearance, Helena works for the government.

A few seconds later, Hunnigan calls Leon and informs him about an outbreak in a city that made 70,000 dead people walk. Leon responds to this by saying something like, “This is Raccoon City all over again”. The trailer continues as Leon S. Kennedy is going all guns-blazing in a dark city ruins, action-fighting leaping zombies and giant mutant with RE 4 and RE 5 over-the-shoulder style.

Chris appears along with fellow BSAA agents shortly after, roping down a helicopter in China where a bioterrorism act is taking place. It is shown in the trailer that Chris follows a big road with his squad while panic citizens are frantically running and bumping him. Chris’ gameplay is shown too. It seems to be more “action” and more “shooting” than Leon’s gameplay in the trailer. He can slide and take cover, fighting both mutants and armed terrorists. We also see a flash of Tyrant’s process of mutant transformation.

The third scene depicts a third playable character. It is still mysterious though. The third scene shows a middle-aged man protecting a young girl. Fighting zombies and mutants with kung-fu and running away from the big vile creature. The guy is shown to inject some kind of serum into him too. And finally, the last part of the trailer is choked with non-stop pure craziness, awesomeness, and total badassery. Jumping, sliding, move-shooting, kicking, punch-comboing, rockets, explosion, all sorts of epic actions are unleashed whether it is Leon, Chris, or the mysterious guy that performs it.

At the end of the teaser trailer, the release date of Resident Evil 6 is clearly shown. This zombie-themed game is scheduled to release for PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 20th 2012. There will be PC version, but there is no announced release date for it yet. Overall, Capcom has decided to change and evolve the gameplay completely. Moderate survival horror, crazy-fun actions, more playable characters, and Capcom stated that it is going to be the largest RE ever. I think the change is not so bad since the story is still remarkable and matches the main storyline of Resident Evil. What do you think about Resident Evil 6? I’ll be happy to hear that!

Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer

Stay tuned in Just for Gamer because I’m on the way to release the next article about the current Resident Evil 6 characters analysis, including the mysterious guy and girl!