Resident Evil 6 Characters Analysis: HUNK and Sherry?!

Now that you have either watched the trailer or read the story, I bet you are compelled to know more about the characters in Resident Evil 6, especially the rumored HUNK and Sherry Birkin. I am working as hard as I can to provide you the best information of Resident Evil 6 characters available for the time being. HUNK and Ashley Graham also Sherry Birkin will be discussed later in this article, don’t worry! Starting from the main star, co-star, and then supporting stars of Resident Evil 6:

Leon S. Kennedy
Around five years after Leon’s rescue mission in Europe, he is trapped again in an outbreak situation with Helena Harper. Before Mr. President can hold a press conference and tell the world about the real truth of Raccoon City’s outbreak a decade ago, he turned into an inhuman creature first. In Resident Evil 6, Leon seems to be older and has a thin beard. He still loyally serves the government where he got another a job regarding a city-scale outbreak.

Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield is back in the game as a special anti-bioterrorism agent of BSAA. The trailer shows Chris Redfield and other BSAA agents arriving in some Chinese city, roping down from a helicopter to a rooftop. A riot is taking place in the city and it seems seems to be a bioterrorism act that involves zombies, mercenaries, and Bio-Organic Weapons. In the trailer, he talks about a woman that made countless BSAA agents die. According to this statement, there is a chance that the main antagonist of Resident Evil 6 is a woman. It looks like Chris is dealing with war-like situation in urban environment and a bigger chaotic problem compared to Leon’s more covert mission.

Helena Harper
Helena Harper is seen in the trailer wearing violet shirt, dark olive trousers, with brown boots and holding a gun when talking to Leon. She says that she is the culprit of the chaos. She holds responsibility of all that. Capcom announced that Helena Harper will be Leon’s sidekick in the game. But, from what Chris said about a woman that kills lots of BSAA agents, Helena Harper could be her.

Ingrid Hunnigan
Actually, Hunnigan is considered a supporting character since she does not take actions directly. She is Leon’s link from the US Secret Service, providing him with latest, insider information about the incident. She has been a great help to Leon since RE 4, even in Degeneration, and until Resident Evil 6. In the trailer, she is calling Leon, informing him about the outbreak.

Mysterious Guy (HUNK?)
Now, our real analysis starts. The mysterious guy shown in the trailer that has scarface, is rumored to be HUNK, leader of alpha Umbrella Security Service. There are numerous facts linking the mysterious guy to HUNK:
  1. In the trailer, he said that he was better off as a mercenary. HUNK himself is a mercenary.
  2. He said that he wanted to give his blood to save others. HUNK is rumored to be immune since he is the only one that always survives among his USS comrades in countless of biohazard-related missions. He has earned the title “Shinigami” or “Grim Reaper” in English.
  3. In Resident Evil, there is HUNK’s ending. He is riding a helicopter in the ending without his gas mask. He is Caucasian and has short hair. And it matches the mysterious guy in the trailer, just without the scar.
    There are others that suspect this guy as Steve Burnside. But, relating to point number one that the guy was a mercenary, it does not match at all. The biggest probability is HUNK trying to redeem what he has done in the past and try to become the hero that saves the day. Still, it is a probability.

Mysterious Girl (Sherry?)
The mysterious girl in the trailer, accompanying the mysterious guy, is Sherry Birkin, a key character in RE2. It is based of her appearance. She has short blond hair and not tall. She is a young woman, just like how Sherry is supposed to be in the time of the event. In the trailer, she is helping the mysterious guy in various way, saying that he cannot die yet. According to IGN, the mysterious girl is definitely Sherry. Well, who knows?

That is the currently-available Resident Evil 6 characters analysis and description. What do you think about HUNK or Sherry? If you have things to say or share, don’t hesitate to comment!

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