WCG Korea Next Year?

After the successful WCG Korea 2011 event, gamers all around the world already crave for the next e-sports olympiad. With saliva dripping from their mouth (not mentioning you), they searched and googled for the next WCG Korea. Maybe it was because the battles were so intense and ended dramatically. Your favorite team did the best and they deserved what they got. And maybe you can’t take it off your mind, i know this year’s WCG show of skill were just too hard to understand for a noob like me. But people just wants it more and more. Well, me too, it’s just too hard to handle the addiction. Like the official motto of WCG Korea itself “Beyond the Game”.

WCG Korea 2011

WCG Korea 2011

WCG Korea this year took place in Busan, South Korea. With 9 official game titles that varies in genre and contestants from all over the world. First-Person Shooters, fighting game, Real Time Strategy, soccer game, and even Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games were competed in WCG 2011. Even though the official title has not been announced yet, we can only pray that WCG Korea will choose more official title and more genre for the next year. The next WCG will also qualify contestant from countries all around the world. And now is the time to prepare yourself to go to a trip to a nice country called China next year, because WCG 2012 will not be held in Busan, South Korea anymore. Instead, it will be held in Kunshan, China and not only for WCG 2012 but also WCG 2013. It is official that WCG Korea choose Kunshan, China as the host city for the grand finals of next year’s WCG. Even the signing ceremony had been done. This annual event will take place in the Kunshan International Convention & Exhibition Center.

Hey why choosing China? Why not choosing your country as the host for the grand showdown of gamers? Well, the truth is, WCG CEO, Brad Lee, had chosen Kunshan as the host of WCG 2012 and 2013 based on WCG 2009 in Chengdu, China that was unbelievably successful. He believes that Kunshan will bring even more successful result than Chengdu’s. But it is not the only factor that made Kunshan chosen as the host city of WCG for 2 years in a row. It is a fact that China’s market in video gaming industry is the one that is growing the most rapid in the world, like the T-Virus that spread so fast and caused chaos in Raccoon City. Kunshan is also promoting its economy development by making digital animation industry, culture industry, and modern service industry its priority. That two factors made Kunshan the best of the best candidates of WCG next host city. Brad Lee places his bet on Kunshan and one hundred percent sure that with Kunshan support, WCG 2012 and 2013 will be successful and will achieve the best result ever. Kunshan FTW!

But, what about ticket prices? It cost $25 for adult’s 4-day ticket for this year’s WCG Korea grand finals.What about next year’s? Well no info on that yet since it’s not really an important matter. Wait, are you asking for next year’s WCG tickets freebies? Get the hell out!!