This Fall’s Xbox Live Update – What’s New?

The newest Xbox Live update, version 2.0.14448.0 had gone LIVE about a week ago, on the 6th of December 2011. It is the long-awaited update for your favorite gaming console. Microsoft ensure that this Xbox Live update will contain lots of new, amazing contents. And it’s absolutely right! Maybe some of you already got your system updated and now playing Xbox Live while frantically screaming on yourself, shooting jets with RPGs in Battlefield 3. But maybe there are bunch of unlucky dudes out there, working night and day with deadlines that force them to leave their Xbox unoccupied at nights or kids crying on their dead, beloved Xbox (poor them :( ). Of course, for you that haven’t got the time to update yours, we’ll kindly give you the overview of this version of Xbox Live update! Okay then, JUMP IN!

Xbox Live Update

Xbox Live Update

First, the update fixes couple of bugs and problems that the previous version has. Like the missing avatars, dashboard themes that don’t appear sometimes, and the panic it causes was surely a pain in the ass. What panic you ask me? Well it’s the panic caused by a broken Kinect sensor! Maybe you thought it was broken that it didn’t work properly and flashed red or green sensor light over and over that even made you nauseatic. But the truth is, it silently laughed at you being panic because it’s the prank that the previous system version of your Xbox played on you. This fall update fixes that problem and it makes sure you are not being bullied by an Xbox (seriously?).

Microsoft has seriously revamped the dashboard to another level in this update. Now you got that cool-looking, tiled metro-style dashboard, and easier to navigate. A noticeable new feature is cloud storage settings. You can turn it on and off and backup your save game to the server! No more wasted hours in a corrupted save data. You will get new Kinect voice controls so you can get that pleasure of enslaving people without anyone being victimized (no offense intended for the offended). Facebook sharing is also a new thing. You can load your Facebook account’s wall with piles of Xbox notifications by linking your Facebook account via this Facebook sharing menu.

This Xbox Live update is just too awesome because your Xbox will get the setting to choose your favorite live TV provider. And it means streaming TV! Verizon FiOS TV lovers, cheer up! You will get to watch your favorite program on your Xbox with the Verizon FiOS TV. The Netflix app is also well-upgraded, it has lots of new features. And now maybe you are wondering when Xbox will get Youtube support. The answer is you will get Youtube support in this Xbox Live update! It is already in Xbox Live marketplace in the apps section. Kinect is also supported when using this app. You can watch and like or dislike videos. Access to the subscriptions, favorites, Watch Later, and Playlists is also possible. But since it is only available to beta users, the app still has few HD playback issues. We will absolutely wait for the fix and public release!

Actually, there are still more, but we think it is best for you to feel it yourself by updating your Xbox. When you got time be sure to download the update! But given that you had time to read this article to the bottom lines, it means you already got time! What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there waiting for a fairy godmother to swing her magic wand, download this fall’s Xbox Live update right now!