WCG 2011 League of Legends Astonishing Battle in Grand Finals

World Cyber Games 2011, abbreviated WCG 2011 features League of Legends (LoL) as one of its official title. WCG 2011 was held from the 8th of December up to the 11th which was yesterday. This year’s line-up consists of 9 titles that varies in genre, which are Tekken 6 (Fighting), FIFA11 (Sports), World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm™ (MMORPG), Counter Strike 1.6 (FPS), Crossfire (FPS), Special Force (FPS), StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ (RTS), Warcraft® III: The Frozen Throne™ (RTS), and League of Legends (RTS).

This year is League of Legends (LoL) second year being in WCG since last year successful breathtaking Grand Finals in Los Angeles, California. And of course, WCG’s League of Legends finalists shows jaw-breaking skills to the audiences again in this year’s Grand Finals in the home of eSports, Busan, South Korea. The tournament system was knock-out.

WCG 2011 League of Legends finals was held from December 10th to December 11th. The finalists groups was multinational. The groups that successfully advanced to the grand final on December 11th were Team CDE from the United States of America and Team Gameburg from Poland. And also Team Counter-Logic from Canada fought Team Jerome_NEGGRET from France. Team CDE that consists of Alex Chu, Andy Dinh, Brandon Dimarco, Marcus Hill, and Steve Chau emerged victorious from the battle as the fans was cheering with fanatic enthusiasm for them. Team CDE was announced as WCG 2011 League of Legends Gold Medalist and won $25000 while Team Gameburg lost and announced as Silver Medalist, got $6000 as the prize. The Bronze Medalist was Team Counter-Logic from Canada and was awarded $3000.

WCG 2011 League of Legends (LoL) Winner

WCG 2011 League of Legends (LoL) Winner
Chicks Dig Elo (CDE) - USA

While WCG 2011 League of Legends gold medal was taken by Team CDE from the United States of America, Starcraft’s was taken by IM_MVP from South Korea. Silver Medal won by iG.XiGua from China and Bronze Medal won by Empire.Kas from Ukraine. The winners from each game are as follow:

WCG 2011 Winners

Counter Strike 1.6
  • Gold Medalist: Team Again from Poland
  • Silver Medalist: Team SK-Gaming from Sweden
  • Bronze Medalist: Team Moscow_5 from Russia

Warcraft III
  • Gold Medalist: Panda.Lyn from South Korea
  • Silver Medalist: WE.GIGABYTE.Sky from China
  • Bronze Medalist: EG.FLY100 from China

  • Gold Medalist: Liaoning_Dongjia from China
  • Silver Medalist: HAMMERTIME from the USA
  • Bronze Medalist: ruLegends from Russia

Special Force
  • Gold Medalist: Team Annul from South Korea
  • Silver Medalist: Team AMOTEL from Thailand
  • Bronze Medalist: Team WAYISPIDER from Taipei

Tekken 6
  • Gold Medalist: NOBI from Japan
  • Silver Medalist: dejavu from South Korea
  • Bronze Medalist: JDCR from South Korea

  • Gold Medalist: deto from Germany
  • Silver Medalist: hom3r from Poland
  • Bronze Medalist: Lonewolf92 from Italy

World of Warcraft
  • Gold Medalist: Team OMG from South Korea
  • Silver Medalist: Team Kimchi_Man from South Korea
  • Bronze Medalist: Team Anarchy-DKP from Taipei

Every WCG 2011 winning finalists were awarded on the 11th of December continued with the closing ceremony of this year’s WCG. It was one of the most successful WCG. So how will the next WCG amaze us, gamefreaks? Let’s wait and see!

*Source: WCG