End Time - Second Part of Dungeon Area In The WoW

End Time is the second part of dungeon area in the World of Warcraft game. End Time is released in patch 4.3 as process to fight Deathwing.

End Time take place in the future about what will happen if Deathwing cannot be defeated. It is told that Deathwing use his power of Dragon Soul against Sargeras and Burning Legion to enter Azeroth through the Well of Eternity. Your Character is sent to the place called Cavern of Time and Nozdormu. You will be told by Aspect of Time that you can return to Well of Eternity is disturbed by power from future. Therefore you must travel to the future to fight and defeat Murozond.

As End Time is part of the World of Warcraft game, the gameplay is still the same as the previous. It is advised that you have passed the level 85 to play it because the enemy is hard. There are 6 maps or dungeon you can play they are Entryway of Time, Azure Dragonshrine, Ruby Dragonshrine, Obsidian Dragonshrine, Emerald Dragonshrine and Bronze Dragonshrine. In every dungeon you will meet 4 bosses, they are Echo of Baine, Echo of Jaina, Echo of Sylvanas and Echo of Tyrande. You will fight Echo of Baine at Obsidian Dragonshrine, Echo of Jaina at Azure Dragonshrine, Echo of Sylvanas at Ruby Dragonshrine and Echo of Tyrande at Emerald Dragonshrine. At the two other dungeon you will fight random bosses from the four bosses. Every Dragonshire can be accessed using transportation devices. Sometimes you’ll meet Nozdormu in human form around it. You can face Nozdormu as the Final Boss after defeat two heroes in the Bronze Dragonshire.

End Time - WoW

End Time

There are various enemies in End Time, such as Black Dragonspawn, Black Drakes Bronze Whelp, Dwarves and more. Which you need level 85 or above to defeat. Those enemies might drop several of loot.

The different between End Time with the previous World of Warcraft patch is that Deathwing doesn’t not just stand down. You will fight Deathwing and it is not easy to fight. You will be also allowed to customize your gear such as weapon and armor with such limitation. This customization will not however change the actual character statistic.

The 4.3 patch also add new feature which is adding a “void bank”. It is a special inventory storage area with a few limitations. Rather than increasing the bank space which require more database space. The player who have more stuff will gain advantage with this system. Void bank will remove gems and enhancement from armor which means storing default version for the item. The item is listed not showing the actual item. It means the items will be gone.

End Time is fun to play. You need more time to think strategically of which boss you want to beat first. Like other online game it is more fun if you play together with friend and beat Deathwing.

In the future as the developer said there are more content and feature for the next patch. And there are a lot of evolution for the game to be more interesting for player